Bitcoin SV (BSV)

$53.8942.71%≈ 0.0103508513585 BTC 24H Low/High: $50.58 - $55.25
24H Volume
≈ 29,247.468181026496 BTC
Ranking: #20Turnover Rate
Market Cap
≈ 182,930.69303487736 BTC
Ranking: #13Market Share
Current Supply
17,747,073.4124133 BSV
Total 21,000,000 BSV
Supplied Ratio
Start Date
Max Supply
Proof Type
Difficulty Adj.
Block RR.
Block #
Network H/s
Current Supply
Block Reward

Bitcoin Cash Satoshi's Vision (BCHSV) is a full-node implementation for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and will maintain the vision of Bitcoin set out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper in 2008: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. BCHSV is one of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forks that will be launched on November 15th and it is already tradable on Poloniex. The information above will be updated as soon as the project is officially launched.

Poloniex disclaimer:

In Bitcoin ABC's roadmap for 2018, two planned protocol upgrades were announced for May and November. For the upcoming November 15th upgrade, two competing development teams have proposed different network consensus rules that are incompatible with each other: the “SV” implementation and the “ABC” implementation.

Pre-fork trading is available immediately for the following pairs: BCHSV/USDC, BCHABC/USDC, BCHSV/BTC, and BCHABC/BTC. We are also opening up a BCH/USDC market. Customers can convert Bitcoin Cash into equivalent amounts of BCHABC and BCHSV, and also convert SV and ABC back into BCH if they’d like to withdraw funds. Customers can trade immediately, but won’t be able to withdraw BCHABC and BCHSV ahead of the hard fork.

Bitcoin SV Market Chart


Bitcoin SV Exchanges

# Exchange Pair Price/Rate Volume Volume (USD) Vol. Ratio Updated
1BitForexBSV/USDT$53.92310,621.02316$16.75M24.26%12 minutes ago
2BitForexBSV/BTC$53.97242,708.574739$13.10M18.97%12 minutes ago
3OKExBSV/USDT$53.87153,875.99$8,290.15K12.01%13 minutes ago
4ZBGBSV/USDT$53.86113,189.3896$6,097.24K8.83%13 minutes ago
5DigiFinexBSV/USDT$53.82108,125.40792$5,820.18K8.43%13 minutes ago
6DigiFinexBSV/BTC$53.8574,277.322$4,000.35K5.79%13 minutes ago
7OKExBSV/BTC$53.9061,155.8503$3,296.43K4.77%13 minutes ago
8BitfinexBSV/USD$55.1835,066.4219579$1,935.10K2.80%12 minutes ago
9IDAXBSV/BTC$53.9631,692.0891$1,710.30K2.48%12 minutes ago
10UpbitBSV/KRW$54.2030,642.3254244$1,660.90K2.41%12 minutes ago
11BithumbBSV/KRW$54.2427,608.3837642$1,497.65K2.17%12 minutes ago
12BitfinexBSV/BTC$53.8416,799.1962936$904,573.501.31%12 minutes ago
13CoinExBSV/BTC$53.8816,727.9499474$901,383.461.31%10 minutes ago
14CoinExBSV/USDT$53.8415,880.9739821$855,178.181.24%10 minutes ago
15BittrexBSV/BTC$53.836,995.21115899$376,580.680.55%11 minutes ago
16HotbitBSV/USDT$52.196,586.24416323$343,795.860.50%11 minutes ago
17KrakenBSV/USD$52.66,285.82475756$330,634.380.48%12 minutes ago
18HotbitBSV/ETH$48.356,387.5221093$308,899.260.45%11 minutes ago
19HotbitBSV/BTC$50.115,782.80762088$289,799.440.42%11 minutes ago
20KrakenBSV/EUR$53.243,677.84967635$195,838.850.28%12 minutes ago
21CoinExBSV/BCH$53.912,049.52312032$110,497.250.16%10 minutes ago
22UpbitBSV/BTC$53.941,731.8131062$93,426.450.14%12 minutes ago
23BittrexBSV/USD$52.551,095.70342935$57,584.690.08%11 minutes ago
24KrakenBSV/BTC$53.60976.69816053$52,352.160.08%12 minutes ago
25BittrexBSV/USDT$53.65693.859674104$37,230.760.05%11 minutes ago
26BittrexBSV/ETH$53.70357.460842096$19,196.320.03%11 minutes ago
27CoinoneBSV/KRW$53.42226.5034$12,101.070.02%10 minutes ago