OmiseGO (OMG)

$1.63515.98%≈ 0.000397179114086 BTC 24H Low/High: $1.36 - $1.68
24H Volume
≈ 13,182 BTC
Ranking: #24Turnover Rate
Market Cap
≈ 55,815 BTC
Ranking: #29Market Share
Current Supply
140,245,398.245133 OMG
Total 140,245,398.245133 OMG
Supplied Ratio
Start Date
Max Supply
Proof Type
Difficulty Adj.
Block RR.
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Network H/s
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OmiseGO is building a decentralized exchange, liquidity provider mechanism, clearinghouse messaging network, and asset-backed blockchain gateway. OmiseGO is not owned by any single one party. Instead, it is an open distributed network of validators which enforce behavior of all participants. It uses the mechanism of a protocol token to create a proof-of-stake blockchain to enable enforcement of market activity amongst participants.

Owning OMG tokens buys the right to validate this blockchain, within its consensus rules. Transaction fees on the network including payment, interchange, trading, and clearinghouse use, are given to non-faulty validators who enforce bonded contract states. The token will have value derived from the fees derived from this network, with the obligation/cost of providing validation to its users.

OmiseGO Market Chart


OmiseGO Exchanges

# Exchange Pair Price/Rate Volume Volume (USD) Vol. Ratio Updated
1BithumbOMG/KRW$1.62335,705,697.867$542.77M93.69%8 minutes ago
2HuobiOMG/USDT$1.645,109,500.93563$8,401.33K1.45%8 minutes ago
3DigiFinexOMG/USDT$1.652,518,442.1564$4,143.28K0.72%8 minutes ago
4HuobiOMG/ETH$1.652,424,595.2036$4,000.02K0.69%8 minutes ago
5JEXOMG/USDT$3.551,116,535.91253$3,964.31K0.68%2 months ago
6BinanceOMG/BTC$1.652,023,472.96057$3,331.91K0.58%8 minutes ago
7BitForexOMG/USDT$1.631,386,197.7641$2,255.60K0.39%8 minutes ago
8DigiFinexOMG/ETH$1.661,070,332.9577$1,775.03K0.31%8 minutes ago
9UpbitOMG/KRW$1.60936,227.52812$1,500.36K0.26%8 minutes ago
10HuobiOMG/BTC$1.65639,924.210018$1,053.71K0.18%8 minutes ago
11OKExOMG/USDT$1.64491,359.5754$807,419.630.14%8 minutes ago
12BinanceOMG/ETH$1.65425,060.59378$699,248.600.12%8 minutes ago
13DigiFinexOMG/BTC$1.67339,809.6364$566,535.530.10%8 minutes ago
14BittrexOMG/BTC$1.65337,907.783098$556,599.310.10%7 minutes ago
15UpbitOMG/BTC$1.64222,158.879147$365,448.000.06%8 minutes ago
16CoinBeneOMG/BTC$1.65215,969.98$356,067.500.06%8 minutes ago
17ABCCOMG/USDT$1.65209,410.15$344,619.940.06%6 minutes ago
18CoinTigerOMG/ETH$1.65208,058.247005$343,248.230.06%7 minutes ago
19CoinTigerOMG/USDT$1.65196,416.096558$323,641.180.06%7 minutes ago
20CoinTigerOMG/BTC$1.64179,921.107499$295,234.250.05%7 minutes ago
21OKExOMG/BTC$1.65154,388.8169$254,965.090.04%8 minutes ago
22BittrexOMG/ETH$1.65151,448.77451$249,286.710.04%7 minutes ago
23UpbitOMG/ETH$1.64135,920.031425$223,097.000.04%8 minutes ago
24PoloniexOMG/BTC$1.6569,725.0241835$114,771.230.02%7 minutes ago
25BittrexOMG/USDT$1.6657,140.5827491$94,681.000.02%7 minutes ago
26Gate.ioOMG/USDT$1.6352,614.5842691$85,979.600.01%7 minutes ago