Paxos Standard Token (PAX)

$0.997-0.55%≈ 0.000104330696751 BTC 24H Low/High: $0.99 - $1.00
24H Volume
≈ 18,798.788519391434 BTC
Ranking: #20Turnover Rate
Market Cap
≈ 18,398.962319793613 BTC
Ranking: #41Market Share
Current Supply
176,581,995.727416 PAX
Total 176,582,246.45 PAX
Supplied Ratio
Start Date
Max Supply
Proof Type
Difficulty Adj.
Block RR.
Block #
Network H/s
Current Supply
Block Reward

Paxos Standard (PAX) is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token that is backed one-to-one by USD deposits and available through Paxos. It gives users the ability to exchange value between them on the Paxos Exchange, itBit, which allows to cash out of their holdings directly and instantaneously to PAX. The token will be traded on external Exchanges as well.

Paxos accepts dollar deposits and issues Paxos Standard tokens which can be traded, transacted and transferred.

Paxos Standard Token Market Chart


Paxos Standard Token Exchanges

# Exchange Pair Price/Rate Volume Volume (USD) Vol. Ratio Updated
1BitMaxPAX/USDT$0.996,017,003,121.88$5,980.07M97.79%6 minutes ago
2BinanceBTC/PAX$0.995,043.61898948$48.05M0.79%6 minutes ago
3BinancePAX/USDT$0.9918,414,080.6086$18.31M0.30%6 minutes ago
4Bit-ZPAX/USDT$0.9918,016,117.09$17.92M0.29%6 minutes ago
5DigiFinexPAX/USDT$0.998,221,069.73$8,160.56K0.13%6 minutes ago
6CoinBenePAX/USDT$0.996,130,978.09$6,095.31K0.10%4 minutes ago
7FCoinPAX/USDT$0.994,258,621.56227$4,239.56K0.07%3 minutes ago
8BinanceETH/PAX$0.9919,485.5805254$3,921.08K0.06%6 minutes ago
9OKExPAX/USDT$0.993,745,902.9984$3,724.96K0.06%6 minutes ago
10BitMaxBTC/PAX$0.99288.33689$2,748.45K0.04%6 minutes ago
11BinanceUSDC/PAX$0.992,633,370.59998$2,626.71K0.04%6 minutes ago
12BinanceXRP/PAX$0.997,633,945.09016$2,274.23K0.04%6 minutes ago
13BitMaxBTMX/PAX$0.9919,664,858.4162$2,178.00K0.04%6 minutes ago
14BinanceEOS/PAX$0.99482,704.223143$1,781.47K0.03%6 minutes ago
15BinancePAX/BTC$0.981,625,638.14407$1,600.59K0.03%4 months ago
16BinanceBNB/PAX$0.9953,484.1918012$1,366.93K0.02%6 minutes ago
17BinancePAX/TUSD$1.001,202,648.29249$1,202.91K0.02%6 minutes ago
18EXXPAX/BTC$0.811,290,018.11$1,048.91K0.02%4 minutes ago
19BinanceBCHABC/PAX$0.993,051.4895105$871,428.210.01%6 minutes ago
20EXXPAX/ETH$0.651,301,035.92$850,120.140.01%4 minutes ago
21OKExPAX/BTC$1.00841,113.0894$841,178.700.01%6 minutes ago
22HotbitPAX/USDT$0.98844,169.814393$833,828.940.01%4 minutes ago
23HotbitPAX/ETH$1.00747,641.475819$749,443.330.01%4 minutes ago