VeThor Token (VTHO)

$0.000-2.63682%≈ 4.44e-8 BTC 24H Low/High: $0.00 - $0.00
24H Volume
≈ 64 BTC
Ranking: #381Turnover Rate
Market Cap
≈ 989 BTC
Ranking: #226Market Share
Current Supply
22,304,833,001 VTHO
Total ... VTHO
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Max Supply
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Difficulty Adj.
Block RR.
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Network H/s
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VeChainThor is a blockchain-based payment platform. The users are allowed to access tools to support their business applications and perform cryptocurrencies transactions through a distributed business ecosystem that uses a blockchain-based technology, the Vechain. VeChainThor was designed as a twin-token system to facilitate activities at both levels, namely, VET and VTHO.

The VTHO token is a cryptocurrency developed by VeChain. It is one of the twin-tokens, which main role is to fuel the platform and represents the underlying cost of using VeChain, it will be consumed (or, in other words, destroyed) after certain blockchain operations are performed. Note that, as a gas token, the VTHO does not hold a max supply of tokens.

VeThor Token Market Chart


VeThor Token Exchanges

# Exchange Pair Price/Rate Volume Volume (USD) Vol. Ratio Updated
1CoinExVTHO/ETH$0.00313,918,032.972621$103,145.4372.42%43 minutes ago
2HotbitVTHO/ETH$0.0045,810,064.2230495$14,454.6110.15%43 minutes ago
3HotbitVTHO/BTC$0.0036,090,985.330254$11,368.687.98%43 minutes ago
4BigONEVTHO/BTC$0.0032,799,827$11,238.707.89%43 minutes ago
5LBankVTHO/ETH$0.005,551,472.6224$1,842.971.29%43 minutes ago
6LBankVTHO/BTC$0.001,262,431.83$367.350.26%43 minutes ago
7Gate.ioVTHO/ETH$0.0055,681.5029239766$16.100.01%9 minutes ago