The best all-in-one cryptocurrency investment management app with watchlists, market data, STO/ICO information, news, and secure trading via API on multiple exchanges.
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User Reviews

Love this great app!

by Turtlebarf11 - Apr 1, 2018I was looking for an app from which I could constantly check coin prices and this app did just that. This app has the ability for me to add apps to my watchlist so I can monitor them. I can also set it to send me a notification of the price when it rises or drops. I can also easily compare coin prices and view conversion rates. Not only does this app let you monitor coin prices but it also shows me a portfolio of all my assets in an easy to see graph. This app has everything from trading to monitoring. I recommend this app to everyone who wants a versatile app which can make crypto easier.

Best App

by Mr.6sPlus - Mar 1, 2018Best app I seen so far. Beautiful UI, Watchlist of personal coins, Track personal portfolio, api trading with thumbprint login, developer very responsive through telegram!!!

As to the Alert

by Togeringo - Feb 7, 2018Thank you very much for the wonderful app. It is very handy. I do not know what it means to be a free app LOL By the way, I have a question, I would like to be notified at a fixed price, for example in dollar denominated or btc denominated rates, but if you look at the app, you are writing ~ yen or more, ~ yen or less, Does it mean ringing when you reach the price you did?

Superior Market Analysis

Over 2,200 trading pairs including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereium (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Nem (XEM), Monacoin (MONA). Display the price of each cryptocurrency exchange side by side to see price differences easily. Understand the market at a glace with candlestick charts, widgets, and pie graphs.

Portfolio Management

Sync assets from top exchanges including Binance, BigONE, Bittrex, bitFlyer, Coincheck, and Zaif directly through their official APIs. Your API key/secret is saved in encrypted memory protected by Touch ID / Face ID. We use Apple's Secure Enclave coprocessor to encrypt information in hardware and ensure the industry's highest level of safety.

API-Ready Unified Trading UI/UX

Check second-level market dynamics, buy, and sell via our unified and easy-to-use interface designed specifically for trading.

News Aggregation

Stay informed without having to visit different websites. Get news from the world's top cryptocurrency media sources inside the app and filter it by categories to focus on your interests.

STO/ICO Listing Directory

View data on STO/ICOs from CoinJinja, Japan's largest STO/ICO listing directory. Get full details of initial coin offerings (STO/ICOs) to assist you in choosing where to invest. Easily filter by size, industry categories, and coin types accepted to find STO/ICOs that match your criteria.

CoinView Ticker for Mac & Chrome

CryptoCurrency Menubar Ticker, View prices of your favorite crypto-coins in an instant.

  • Available as a Mac app or Chrome extension.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Over 2,200 coins supported.
  • Display prices in different fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, and more.
  • Option to automatically launch at login.
  • Data is pulled from top crypto exchanges.