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About the CoinView SDK

The CoinView SDK lets you develop a dApp compatible with most blockchains.

CoinView SDKProvides distributed ledger technology.

The CoinView Wallet is a crypto currency wallet built with Mixin's PoS formula public chain. Compatible with twelve different major cryptocurrencies, it offers free and fast transfers between wallets.

Third PartyConventional app development

Ideal for building a token economy for platforms and games. Various use cases include airdrops, payments, micropayments, dividends, gifts, voting, mining, and quiz rewards.

CoinView SDK Benefits

User friendly


The CoinView Wallet is built with Mixin's PoS-type public chain that solves the problems faced by conventional dApps. Money transfers that are high-speed - less than 1 seconds. Transfers are FREE between CoinView Wallet users. The UX is easy to use.

  import coinview from '@coinjinja/coinview-sdk'

// register your app to get the ID
coinview.init('Your App Id')
    traceId: uuid(), // unique ID for tracing
    assetId: '3d356f2b-a886-3693-b...', // the token's asset ID
    amount: 10,
    memo: 'SNAKE_DEMO_BUY_LIFE', // Could be an ID for an item
    description: 'Life x 3',
  .then(res => {
    // When payment is done
  }).catch(e => {
    // When payment is failed


You can code in a language that you already know such as Python, or JavaScript. And, unlike with an irreversible smart contract, taking an agile development approach is possible.

User friendly

Broad Compatibility

Many dApps are built with Ethereum, but with our platform, you can connect with the top twelve main blockchains, such as BTC, BCH, ETH, EOS, ETC, SC, XRP, XEM, DOGE, DASH, ZEC, and LTC. It also supports to deposit and withdrawal more than 49,500 cryptocurrencies.


Why develop with the CoinView SDK?


The CoinView app is a favorite among cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times!


We are building an online community and holding offline events such as hackathons.


We plan to implement support taking advantage of our know-how around issuing tokens.

Case Studies

Here's a few examples of how dApps have used the CoinView SDK so far.


Next Economy Conference 2018 Held on Sep. 15, 2018

by CoinJinja, with over 400 attendees.

We distributed event-exclusive tokens and

prepared experiential attractions that could be used for sales and voting.

Voting App

Voting AppDev Time: 2 days

Using a dApp developed in just two days, tokens were released exclusive for the event. Attendees were able to use them for purchasing goods and voting for their favorite panel speakers.

Fork on Github

AirdropDev Time: 1 hour

An airdrop function that can easily distribute tokens. For this event, two types of tokens (for voting and sales) were prepared and distributed.

Fork on Github
POS (Point of Sale) App

POS (Point of Sale) AppDev Time: 1 day

A simple POS app with QR code scanning that can quickly reconcile sales with tokens. Commission-free and performs settlement in seconds.

Fork on Github


An example of incorporating cryptocurrency billing

into existing mobile games.


SnakeDev Time: 1 day

Developed in just one day, this is a dApp remake of the 1970s arcade game, "Snake." We easily enabled it to have virtual currency billing.

Fork on Github

DreamiOS Porting: 1 hour

"Dream" is a simple game where the player must progress by jumping over obstacles. It had already been released on iOS, and we ported it to run as a dApp. Advancing to higher levels is tough. The user can choose to lower the difficulty of advanced stages by paying with tokens.

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