2GETHER - The First Collaborative Banking Platform

2gether is developing the bank of the future, a future where; consumers take full ownership and control of the services they use, move beyond solely interacting with euros and dollars and fully embrace cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and augment their financial decisions through the use of exponential technologies like artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. We are on a mission to change the way people interact with their finances. We are building a modern mutual organisation where everyone is an owner of their banking experience. For this, we need to recruit a talented, curious, world-class team. We work in a collaborative way, just like 2gether. You will have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies to change the way all of us think about finance. Our team is based in one of the financial districts of Madrid. It consists of around 30 people and growing! Everything at 2gether happens in-house, starting from the development of our technology all the way to marketing

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Soft Cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
20,000,000 USD
Initial Price
1 2GT = 0.05 EUR
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AcceptingEUR, BTC, ETH
Circulating Supply17%
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2gether is the first collaborative banking platform, where users participate and share the returns from the business, get rewarded for their contribution, and have a say on the platform’s decisions. It takes the business principles of traditional mutuals to the digital space, leveraging blockchain technology to support the collaborative model.

2gether aims to empower customers by outsmarting traditional banks:

  • 2gether distributes financial products and services, it does not manufacture them, so it has no conflicts of interest vis-a-vis its clients
  • 2gether does not make money from users, but from financial product suppliers (e.g. banks insurers, asset managers, etc.)
  • 2gether shares a large percentage of its revenues with users, based on their individual contribution
  • 2gether rewards users for their collaboration through its native token called 2GT, whose value intrinsically linked to the platform’s success
  • 2gether gives users full control over their economies, incorporating digital assets and data to their financial experiences
  • 2gether complements the users’ financial know-how, interest and lack of time, leveraging exponential technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help them with finance management, financial product selection and investment decisions

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Ramón Ferraz
Ramón Ferraz
Chief Executive Officer
Salvador Casquero
Salvador Casquero
Founder/ Chief Business Development Officer
Salvador Carrillo
Salvador Carrillo
Founder/ Chief Product Officer & Capital Strategy
Alejandro Tobar
Alejandro Tobar
Chief Financial Officer
Víctor Dertiano
Víctor Dertiano
Chief Technology Officer
Luis Estrada
Luis Estrada
Founder/ Technology Senior Vice President