AdHive - AI and community powered platform for native video advertising

AdHive is a platform for automated mass placement of native advertising on video blog channels with payment system based on Ethereum smart contracts. The platform will bring to advertisers an opportunity to place a native video ad on an unlimited number of channels without having to worry about proper execution. AdHive can operate with an extremely extensive audience and disrupt TV as a channel for corporate ad campaigns.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
12,500,000 USD
Hard Cap
17,500,000 USD
Initial Price
1 ETH = 2000 ADH
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply30%
Restricted AreasN/A
HomepageWebsite URL
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Crypto mass promotion

The broadest audience of crypto service

International campaigns available

No borders, no restrictive regulations

Transparency and reliability

Clear funds distribution according to agreements

Knowledge sharing

Community members share their ideas with bloggers with the possibility to offer additional services

AI powered

Automated tracking of any video channel, all words and objects can be detected

Instant payments

Using a smart contract, money will be transferred to a blogger immediately after the proper task execution.

Easy blog monetization

Clear mechanics, proven advertisers

Time saving

No long chats with bloggers, no personal agreements and tracking

Streams and broadcasts

AI tracks online stream channels as well

Team View All

Dmitry Malyanov
Dmitry Malyanov
Project development, operations, co-founder
Vadim Budaev
Vadim Budaev
Strategy, HR, technological development, co-founder
Alexandr Kuzmin
Alexandr Kuzmin
Token model development, investment and financial management, co-founder
Dmitry Romanov
Dmitry Romanov
Strategy and business development
Anna Tolstochenko
Anna Tolstochenko
Working with the blogger community and advertising agencies
Kristina Kurapova
Kristina Kurapova
Legal compliance and structuring