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ATF farms is the world's first appliances production of which will be launched based on crowd investments through the blockchain platform. ATF farms facilitate growth of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, cannabis, and other plants. ATF equipment users unite in a single system of producers of organic products and consumers. Home users in the all world and users in regions not suitable for agro cultivation receive fresh food every day. The agro tech industry in on the rise and it will be a multi-billion dollar industry soon. ATF farms is creating the future!

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40,000 ETH
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1 ATF = 0,012ETH
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  • Pre-ICO - 40%
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  • Week 2 - 15%
  • Week 3 - 10%
  • Week 4 - 5%


The aim of the project is to make it possible for everyone to eat organic food and stop pollution of the Earth with chemicals of agriculture, by creating a mass production of ATF equipment for home and industrial year-round plant growing in enclosed spaces using the developed technology of automatic, thrifty growing for consumers around the world. For this, we have developed a concept for the creation of a global ecosystem of healthy food in which all users who want to consume or buy products grown by ATF equipment will be united.

ATF devices provide an automatic growth of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, cannabis and many other plants. The ATF technique requires minimal customer involvement during in the process of vegetation and does not require any specific knowledge in the field of agronomy. A specially designed LED lamp not only saves electricity but is also capable of simulating a spectrum close to sunlight, which greatly speeds up the process of photosynthesis in plants. Thanks to the perfectly selected temperature regime for each crop, automatic irrigation with the addition of the necessary nutrient minerals and optimum moisture, the average crop yield of the ATF device is higher than the yield of greenhouse crops and crops grown outdoors. The solution recuperation system and pointwise dosing of the necessary nutrients allows to use all the fertilizers as intended, and the biofilter with bacteria constantly saturates the solution with beneficial bacteria, thus the system is self-sufficient, which allows to reduce the effect on the ecological component of the Earth to zero.

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Ilya Tsigvintsev
Ilya Tsigvintsev
CEO & Founder
Alexander Basov
Alexander Basov
COO & Co-Founder
Alexey Kovnerchuk
Alexey Kovnerchuk
Technical Engineer
Kirill Smirnov
Kirill Smirnov
Agro technology
Alexander Orlov
Alexander Orlov
Industrial Designer
Sergey Mosolov
Sergey Mosolov