Allive - Intelligent Healthcare Blockchain Ecosystem

ALLIVE is an intelligent healthcare ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It is comprised of three modules: Olife builds a self-perfecting profile of individual's health data, Olivia acts as an artificial intelligent general doctor, and Oleaf creates a comprehensive healthcare service system. In ALLIVE, users have complete control over their own health data, which can be analyzed by the AI doctor to create personalized, full-process healthcare management. Meanwhile, the ALV token economy can also incentivize all participants to contribute to the healthcare ecosystem in their own way, thus truly achieving precise equilibrium of supply and demand of medical resources in a decentralized, immutable, and intelligent healthcare ecosystem on the blockchain.

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ALLIVE forms an encrypted, comprehensive, and self-perfecting health profile for each individual through the distributed health data network, thus breaking the data silos and transitioning evidence-based medicine to personalized healthcare.


ALLIVE completes a closed loop of healthy lifestyle by integrating full-process healthcare services through modular interfaces, covering general health management, doctor’s appointment, prescription filling, insurance processing, etc.


ALLIVE creates a major-hospital-qualified AI doctor by formulating a medical knowledge graph with machine learning algorithms through the combination of digital technology and medical databanks.

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Qikai Liu
Qikai Liu
Founder & CEO
Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang
Co-Founder & CTO
Yong Zhang
Yong Zhang
Partner & Chief Engineer
Xingsen Gao
Xingsen Gao
Co-Founder & Chief Operation
Dongfang Liu
Dongfang Liu
Partner & Chief Mediciner
Nan Jiang
Nan Jiang
Director of Service