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AR Ecosystem Arcona is an information space that unites the virtual and real worlds. It is based on a platform that automatically generates a layer of augmented reality on the surface of the planet. It allows you to remotely install and manage any virtual content. This layer of augmented reality, or as we call it Digital Land, is directly linked to the existing landscape using geo-spatial data. It has natural limits - 12% of the land, mastered by mankind! This critical asset is the commodity and the basis of the ecosystem economy.

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Arcona is an information space which integrates the virtual and real worlds into a single ecosystem. At the heart of the system is a platform which provides a link between the augmented reality layer and natural markers on the earth’s surface, enabling content to be positioned and managed remotely. This layer, what we call the Digital land, is directly linked with the real surface of the Earth through the use of geospatial data.

The Digital land’s natural limit is set at 12% of the land utilized by humans. This scarce asset is the commodity and basis of the ecosystem’s economy. The Arcona infrastructure includes a Digital land register and any digital assets within the platform.

It is built utilizing blockchain technology, and is a peer-to-peer network. We have come to ITO because in 2019, we plan to already launch the process of generating the Digital Earth. The first digitized areas will be in ten of the world’s largest cities: New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, Mexico City, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Barcelona.

In the first half of 2018, still before the platform is launched, we will see the public release of ARViewer, and a marketplace for trade in arcons. The Arcona platform is being developed by the professional team at Piligrim XXI.

We are the first Russian IT start-up to operate in the global augmented reality market and the tourism sector. We have allowed tourists to combine real travel with time travel. Using a smartphone and AR headset, travellers can witness lost architectural wonders and historical events in real time and space.

In 2014, Piligrim XXI launched the world’s first outdoor augmented reality park, and has now created a network of eight parks over 6 countries with a total area of 7,700 ares. Since 2015, we have been making extensive investments out of own funds into researching distributed GIS, augmented reality technologies, 3D simulation, computer vision and artificial intelligence.
We are developing a unique platform to remotely manage an augmented reality environment. Our utilization of ITO and blockchain architecture will enable us to transform our project into a full ecosystem which will connect users and developers on a P2P basis.

We would like to invite you to become one of the first landowners in our Digital land today. Only during the ITO, token holders in Arcona will be able to choose and reserve land plots in the first 10 locations on the planet.

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Ilia Korguzalov
Ilia Korguzalov
Project lead
Diana Sorina
Diana Sorina
Aleks Zaulichnyy
Aleks Zaulichnyy
Tania Chernikh
Tania Chernikh
Researcher & PR
Daniel Girdea
Daniel Girdea
AR Evangelist
Alex Emelianoiv
Alex Emelianoiv
R&D Team lead