Assetron Energy - Building the First Solar Powered Blockchain Invest

Our mission is to revolutionise the global energy market through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and provide the ability for anyone in the world to finance their own renewable energy projects. First of all, we are developing a blockchain powered p2p investment platform for renewable energy projects, enabling crowdfunding and co-investing into renewable energy generating assets, such as solar farms, wind generators, hydro-dams and other clean energy sources. To supercharge the supply of clean energy demands of communities and businesses around the world, our blockchain powered platform, will enable ASSETRON token holders the right to use the platform and co-invest into a range of green energy projects and receive revenue based on the proportion of that projects investment. The key mission activity is to bridge the gap between energy consumers who will greatly benefit from their own renewable energy power source, but can not afford to pay for one upfront, and socially conscious investors, who understand the benefits of investing into renewable energy, but don’t have an easy avenue to do so. As the number of renewable energy projects increase on the platform, so should the demand for the ASTRN tokens, due to them being the primary currency on the eco-system.

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0.030-0.040 USD
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AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, Waves, BCC, USD
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  • Pre-sale - $0.025 USD
  • Week 1 - $0.030 USD
  • Week 2 - $0.034 USD
  • Week 3 - $0.038 USD
  • Week 4 - $0.040 USD


About Assetron Energyhe Australian Company, behind the idea of Assetron Energy was formed in September 2016 as Beta Learning Pty Ltd.Beta Learning is a training and employment consultancy, providing services to businesses Australia-Wide, including large scale electrical system design & construction companies.Through the various connections formed with businesses, employers and job agency providers, Denis Wright, the company director began forming a plan to not only help reduce the unemployment rates in Australia through the provision of an accessible advertising medium, but also start creating new employment opportunities. Having been involved in the digital currency community for a while, trading and investing into promising platforms himself, Denis, with the help of his team, formed the idea of Assetron Energy – having real assets backing a crypto-token.By building and linking revenue producing assets, the token itself would move towards longevity and gradual growth, but more importantly the vision of being able to create jobs, short term and long term, becomes possible. Not only will digital currency have a secure real world use, but it will be responsible for social well being, by enabling many more employment opportunities, in all types of industries, that come together to design, construct and administer an asset.The reason behind specializing in clean energy assets, comes from the already formed connection of Assetron Energy and businesses in the renewable energy space, but also because we are passionate about being part of the force that keeps the earth prosperous for our children and their children’s children.


Denis Wright
Denis Wright
Director & Founder
Dr Evan Morrison
Dr Evan Morrison
Head of Platform
Malcolm Elliott
Malcolm Elliott
Head of Finance and Wealth
Kumar Vikram Singh
Kumar Vikram Singh
Head of Client Delivery
Alex Wright
Alex Wright
Head of Learning and Development / Communications Coordinator
Jade Mason
Jade Mason
Head of HR