Auditchain - Decentralized Continuous Auditing and Reporting

Auditchain is the world's first decentralized continuous audit and real-time reporting ecosystem for enterprise and token statistics disclosure. The science of continuous audit has been limited to enterprise internal audit and reporting up until now. Auditchain enables enterprises to provide stakeholders and regulators with the highest levels of audit assurance through decentralized consensus-based audit procedure under the DCARPE™ Protocol.

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AuditChain provides reporting disclosure for dApp and network development during and after token generation events as well as network statistics reporting and disclosure after dApp and network launch.

A two-tiered node structure governs network and consensus. Non-federated nodes provide transaction and block validation while Federated nodes, operated by SOC auditors, provide continuous audit and certification of network state and behavior. Every enterprise transaction is validated with straight through accounting treatment (STAT) and audited in real time on an ongoing basis.

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Nemanja Nikitovic
Nemanja Nikitovic
Yaroslav Belkin
Yaroslav Belkin
Scott Price
Scott Price
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of A-lign
Jonathan Mohan
Jonathan Mohan
Strategic Planning
Paul Ostling
Paul Ostling
Regulatory and Government Affairs
Joshua Yabut
Joshua Yabut
M.S., OSCP, OSCE Co-Founder & Technical Lead