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Our mission is to provide a truly transparent and provably fair online casino and sportsbook experience with low transaction costs and near-instant withdrawals of any amount. In order to accomplish that, we are building on top of our current platform to adapt possibilities brought about with blockchain technology. In addition, we are planning on sharing results of our work with the blockchain casinos community by provision of various on chain gaming solutions easily adoptable in other platforms alike.

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We have decided to develop a new and better online casino model. In Bitwin, all transactions and computing will be based on Ethereum network and its unbiased smart contracts.

Moreover, thanks to insight into these contracts, a doorway for disruptive profit draining will be closed, as opposed to Bitcoin blockchain vulnerabilities. Being able to verify every line of the code describing the set of rules for a given game makes it impossible for casino to hide malpractices based on code manipulation or other types of tampering.

When it comes to resolving an issue regarding transaction costs and their processing time, we have come up with a system and a set of solutions called simply the Bitwin Network. This element of Bitwin ecosystem will not only allow us to transfer just the final result of player’s wagers to the Ethereum blockchain, but also enable near-instant payments with negligible transactional costs, even in case of the lowest wagers.

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Bartłomiej Bulda
Bartłomiej Bulda
Chief Executive Officer and Founder of
Bogdan Stanczak
Bogdan Stanczak
Advisory to the Board
Bartosz Biliński
Bartosz Biliński
Chief Technology Officer
Łukasz Hirsch
Łukasz Hirsch
Chief Marketing Officer
Kamila Śpiewak
Kamila Śpiewak
Chief Financial Officer
Krystian Jabłoński
Krystian Jabłoński
Chief Information Officer