BuyAnyLight (BAL) - LED Light Sourcing, Revolutionised

BuyAnyLight (BAL) is an innovative platform that strives to decentralize the process of LED light sourcing by reducing the role of intermediaries while offering lighting products at the most competitive market rates. The platform harnesses the power of blockchain combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data to enable consumers and manufacturers to acquire or source lighting products in a seamless, secure, and cost-effective way. Currently, the BAL Platform and all of its modules are deployed as a centralized architecture. However, in our bid to expand and scale our platform on a global scale and to take advantage of the features offered by blockchain and cryptography, the BAL Marketplace will be decentralized and extended as per the roadmap.

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4,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
8,000,000 USD
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0.3033 USD
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The BAL Platform will serve as a replacement for centralized e-commerce marketplaces of lighting products, with the capacity to expand to other business areas e.g., construction industry, pharma industry, gold and precious metal industry, and food industry as well.

We are confident that the trustless execution of the sourcing process enabled by the BuyAnyLight platform is a business that will grow, adding trust among the parties with the evolution of blockchain and transactions carried out on the distributed ledger. By integrating sophisticated technologies such as AI, machine learning, geo-location tracking, blockchain, and smart contracts, we will provide a decentralized marketplace that has no analogs to date in the centralized Internet.

Standout Features:

  • Live platform both for buyers and suppliers
  • Innovative platform with no direct competitor
  • Acquired USD 2 Million during the Seed Funding Round 
  • Funded and supported by Almani Lighting LLC UAE and Almani Lighting Gmbh Germany
  • Guaranteed ROI on private round sale investments 
  • Dedicated Team comprising of over 30 members
  • Partnership with more than 300 manufacturers
  • Supported by Embassy of Germany in the Light Middle East Fair
  • Market opportunity of over USD 112.5 Billion by 2025
  • Agile marketing strategy

Team View All

Johannes Eidens
Johannes Eidens
CEO & Founder
Martin Heyen
Martin Heyen
Co-Founder & CFO
Leo Vicente
Leo Vicente
Chief Technical Officer
Rene Rowell dela Rama
Rene Rowell dela Rama
Director of Blockchain Integration
Rizvi Iqbal
Rizvi Iqbal
Blockchain & DLT Specialist
Artem Gordadze
Artem Gordadze
Marketing Specialist