Conjure - An Incentivized, Decentralized Content Platform

Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributing quality content with cryptocurrency. Conjure combines concepts from social media, search, and advertising with cryptocurrency to enable content creators to monetize their content. Conjure’s unique architecture, the Depth Engine, takes a fresh approach to content discovery, fostering a creative ecosystem built around individuals and interaction.

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AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, NEO
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    Conjure seeks to rectify two problems that plague both content creators and consumers across the web: content monetization and content discovery.

    MONETIZATION: Content creators are dependent upon ad platforms to monetize their content. Ad platforms are centralized autonomous entities that can change the rules at a moment’s notice – often to the detriment of the creator.

    DISCOVERY: Traditional content platforms rely on horizontal search engine technology for both content discovery and ad placement. The system acts as a link between users and advertisers, offering users a way to find content and enabling advertisers to place ads on that content. The horizontal model is only able to return a limited number of results based on a keyword entry. This model works well enough when the indexed data is information – when the user knows exactly what he is searching for – but struggles to accommodate creative content and its human component.

    MONETIZATION: Conjure will leverage cryptocurrency, specifically the NEO blockchain, to decentralize the monetization process. This will enable content creators and advertisers to take control of their own monetization, rather than depend on a centralized entity to facilitate the process.

    DISCOVERY: The Conjure Depth Engine (“Depth Engine”) is the software system that will power content discovery throughout the Platform. The Depth Engine is based on Linnaean Taxonomy, which sorts organisms based on characteristics; Conjure will sort content based on community.

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    Max  Helsel
    Max Helsel
    CEO, Co-Founder
    Shane  Ciccone
    Shane Ciccone
    COO, Co-Founder
    Joel Garcia
    Joel Garcia
    Emmanuel  Arri
    Emmanuel Arri
    Finance Advisor
    Travor  House
    Travor House
    Social & Marketing
    Nick  Mohan
    Nick Mohan
    Sales & Marketing