Cryptyk - Hybrid Blockchain for Enterprise Security

Cryptyk is building the world's first complete cyber security and cloud storage solution from a single vendor. Utilizing Hybrid blockchain technology, Cryptyk is the first single vendor security and storage solution that protects against all five major security threats to the cloud ( external, internal, viral, operational and surveillance threats).

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3,000,000 USD
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28,000,000 USD
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1 CTK = 0.125 USD
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TypeERC 20
AcceptingETH, BTC, USD
Circulating Supply33%
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Cryptyk has developed a revolutionary new approach to cyber-security and cloud storage. Instead of trying to prevent data security breaches, Cryptyk assumes hacks are inevitable and makes files effectively ‘safe to hack’. The ultimate goal is to take the profit out of hacking and the risk out of the cloud.

Cryptyk’s new Hybrid Blockchain Technology is based on the integration of encrypted decentralized file storage with blockchain auditing and monitoring. This hybrid solution is passively immune to external, viral and operational security threats, and also allows network administrators to protect against potential internal and surveillance threats. It is the first complete cyber-security and cloud storage solution from a single vendor, and dramatically reduces the cost of cyber-security for all business and enterprise.

“We are building the world’s most secure cloud security and storage system”, said Cryptyk CEO, Dr. Adam Weigold. “but more importantly we are also creating a whole new crypto-economy and ecosystem for the cyber-security market” he added.

At the heart of the Cryptyk platform is the Cryptyk Token (CTK), which drives an open-source cyber-security ecosystem consisting of 3rd party app developers, strategic enterprise customers, crypto-currency miners and investors. The Cryptyk Token is a true utility token that offers scalable benefits to all participants. Long term growth in CTK value will be directly driven by customer adoption and product use, rather than short-term market sentiment. Consequently, utility tokens offer investors greater potential for long term growth and less market volatility compared to the more common security tokens. Token sale participants are investing directly in a product and its self-propagating ecosystem, rather than buying equity in the company.

The Cryptyk Team comprises of veteran cyber security, cloud storage and blockchain experts. The founders include CEO, Dr. Adam Weigold, a quantum physicist and veteran of 6 tech startups, and CTO, Raghu Kotha, a well-known white-hat hacker, cyber security expert, and former director of security at Silicon Valley Bank.

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Dr. Adam Weigold
Dr. Adam Weigold
CEO & Chairman
Raghu Kotha
Raghu Kotha
Dennis McMasters
Dennis McMasters
Chief Architect
Luke Lombe
Luke Lombe
Mihkel Trink
Mihkel Trink
Platform Development
Dr. Daniel Floreani
Dr. Daniel Floreani
Customer Engagement