We offer a new market product differing from hardware crypto wallets in its functionality and protection levels. It is a microcomputer with Linux operating system, built-in crypto storage and a robot for smart contract launching. System prevents all existing security problems: Phishing - by using the pre-configured browser and applications, signed by a unique key. Expoilts - by working in an isolated environment and by signing programs. Hacker attacks - by using built-in unbreakable crypto-storage.

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47,400,000 USD
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0.2000 USD
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CryptoWorkPlace — decentralized system based on a personal computer the size of a USB flash drive, providing unprecedented protection against hackers’ attacks, malicious programs and unauthorized access to data. There are currently a few options on the market that allow you to protect your cryptocurrency wallet by keeping the keys in a separate device that connects to your PC. That being said, with the current rate of technological development, even if your PC has an up to date anti-virus, one can never be fully confident that it is impenetrable. Hackers can come up with new ways to penetrate your system faster than anti-viruses can come up with the right “medicine” for the attacks. Before long, you can lose access to your cryptocurrency wallet, and thus your money.

The CryptoWorkPlace (CWP) Micro-PC is not a secure key storage; it is a fully independent PC with an operating system and its own applications; It only needs a monitor, keyboard, and mouse from an external computer. The security of this external computer is irrelevant since it is only used to visualize the information. All of the actual processes take place in the secure internal memory of the CWP Micro-PC. Since the CWP is a PC and not just a cryptocurrency wallet, it offers the user many useful features. One can get a variety of useful apps such as a multicurrency wallet, access to a few different trading platforms at once, chat channels, and other services which can make life much easier. All of these available services can be conveniently combined on one homepage panel. Thus you can move all your vital information to the forefront of the abundance of useful features that are available.

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Maxim Maslich
Maxim Maslich
Alexander Podelko
Alexander Podelko
Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Performance Engineering at Oracle, Ph.D., MBA
Sergey Sagalovitch
Sergey Sagalovitch
Principal Member of Technical Staff at AMD
Vasiliy Fedko
Vasiliy Fedko
Licensed auditor
Nikolay Fedorovskikh
Nikolay Fedorovskikh
Business Development Executive Tezzle Technology Transfer39 age
Yuriy Myshinsky
Yuriy Myshinsky
CEO CryptOcean37 age