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Daox.org brings you a community-driven protocol to make ICOs worth investing in again. Fundraising DAOs play the role of advanced intermediaries between startups and their investors, protecting interests for both sides, and increasing the efficiency of the capital. Think of them as ICOs 2.0!

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
4,500,000 USD
Hard Cap
300,000,000 DXC
Initial Price
1 DXC = 0.000387 ETH
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply70%
Restricted AreasN/A
HomepageWebsite URL
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  • July 1—July 10 - 50%
  • July 10—July 20 - 40%
  • July 20—July 30 - 30%
  • July 30—August 10 - 20%


In 2017, more than $6 billion was raised via an innovative fundraising approach — initial coin offering (ICO). This is incomparably more than in 2015 and 20 times higher than figures for the year 2016. The success and skyrocketing growth of this trend were since ICOs are the most convenient way of investing and raising funds nowadays.

However, its current implementation (as crowdfunding or in other forms) has many challenges, such as high investment risks; the complexity of tech; expensive legal support; inefficient marketing; lack of transparency; fraudulent activity; low success ratio; volatility of cryptocurrencies; unpopularity; and scams.

These and other problems are constraining factors for the vast amount of projects and investors that could participate in a new crypto-economy and significantly boost it.

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Oleg Gaidul
Oleg Gaidul
Chief Executive Officer
Alex Shevlyakov
Alex Shevlyakov
Product Lead
Jordan Pool
Jordan Pool
Media Director
Anton Vityazev
Anton Vityazev
Tech Lead
Kirill Bulgakov
Kirill Bulgakov
Smart Contracts Developer
Oleg Adamov
Oleg Adamov
Mobile Developer