DIMCOIN - The Future of Equity on the Blockchain

The DIM Ecosystem (DIM-E) is a cryptonized ecosystem that is built on the NEM blockchain. The DIM-E offers multiple products and services such as DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, DIM Cryptocurrencies, DIM TOKEN, HYBSE, IBIN, DIM X, DEPOTWALLET, DIM Explorer, DIMWALLET and DIMPAY. The DIM-E is a solution to the inefficiencies of the traditional systems. The traditional systems have problems such as high fees, red tapes and multiple intermediaries. As a result, a peer-to-peer and low-cost cryptonized platform is necessary to provide an alternative to traditional systems.

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  • 1st - 15th July - 30%
  • 16th - 29th July - 20%
  • 30th July - 12th August - 15%
  • 13th - 19th August - 10%
  • 20th - 27th August - 5%


Trade shares on blockchain for the first time – The cryptocurrency market has evolved extensively since its inception with the birth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has inspired the creation of other cryptocurrencies, and the DIM (Data Interchange Module) is one such altcoin. It is available in two versions: DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. The DIMCOIN is a speculative coin that can be exchanged against other cryptocurrencies, while the value of the respective DIM Currency is equivalent to the fiat currency that it is exchanged from. Furthermore, only the DIM Currencies can be used as a means of payment in the DIM Ecosystem. The DIM Ecosystem offers services such as cryptonisation (virtualisation) of equity, trading in cryptonised shares and assets, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, e-commerce, debit card purchases, business transactions, and commodity trading. All of these functions and services can be accessed through computers and hand-held devices.

The DIM and DIM Ecosystem are created and operated by the DIMCOIN Foundation, and are based on the NEM blockchain technology. NEM offers a unique two-tier design using node reputation, spam protection, and incentivised infrastructure through supernodes – all to ensure safe and secure online trading and transactions. The access tool to the DIM Ecosystem is the personal Depotwallet which will be distributed by the DIMCOIN Foundation. WISE Consulting is intended to become the bureau de change for the DIM (DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies) within the DIM Ecosystem. Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) is the online trading platform for global issuers and investors and it provides a range of cryptonised assets like: Shares, ETC (Exchange-Traded Commodities), ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund), ETN (Exchange-Traded Note), Crypto-Forex Exchange, Index, Startups – IPO, Startups – ICO and Pirate Market.