Esonics - Mining hardware tokenization to utilize blockchain in a real world production.

Our goal is to use ICO to finance a real-world business development projects. 1. Tokenize production of our mining hardware; 2. Use funds we attract through ICO to expand to other microelectronics markets; 3. Come up with a working scenario how to bring blockchain in other real world economy projects.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Hard Cap
400,000 ETH
Initial Price
500 ESNT = 1 ETH
Token Supply
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AcceptingBTC, ETC, ETH, LTC, Waves, ZEC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Restricted AreasN/A
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  • 11.06.2017 - 11.11.2017 - bonus 20%
  • 11.11.2017 - 11. 16.2017 - bonus 15%
  • 11.16.2017 - 11.212017 - bonus 10%
  • 11.21.2017 - 11.26.2017 - bonus 5%


Why we choose Esonics for this project

  1. We are talking about a​​ real-world​​ high-tech​​ hardware​​ business​​ with​​ an​​ ability​​ to rapidly​​ scale​​ production​​ and​​ sales​. With proper advertising and product line expansion, we can scale up to 7-10 times during a year.

  2. Our hardware can be used not only in blockchain mining industry, but also on other markets with much bigger capacities, which means we​​have​​ even​​ more​​ opportunity​​ to​​ scale.

  3. We​​ have​​ developed​​ a​​re liable​​ financial​​ system​​ that​​ guarantees ​a ​​constant​​ growth​​ of the​​ token ​​price.​ Backing up tokens with real-world assess (our hardware), together with our unique strategy for input of tokens into circulation (each new portion of tokens becomes available for sale only when the price doubles), create a basis for constantly increasing demand and price growth

  4. Our​​ customers​​ will​​ be​​ able​​ to ​​use ​​our ​​tokens​​ for​​ exchanging​​ them ​​on​​ our​​ hardware with​​ a​​ 30%​​ discount​ comparing to real-world money. These are the must have things we need to make sure our real-world project will be as successful as other digital blockchain projects in terms of ROI for our investors.


Denis Soldatov
Denis Soldatov
Technical adviser
Igor Matyukhin
Igor Matyukhin
Igor​ ​Bezrukov
Igor​ ​Bezrukov
STO, CTO,​ ​R&D​ ​director
Alexandr​ ​Shmagailo
Alexandr​ ​Shmagailo
Director​ ​of​ ​production​ ​and​ ​sales
Andrey​ ​Gorev
Andrey​ ​Gorev
Director​ ​of​ ​Marketing​ ​and​ ​Business​ ​Development
Nikolay​ ​Navtalyan
Nikolay​ ​Navtalyan
Director​ ​of​ ​operations