Gainfy - Intelligent Healthcare with Blockchain, AI and IoT.

Gainfy is an Incentive-based healthcare platform which empowers people stay healthy, gives them an easy access to health and medical resources, and ability to control and monetize their data, all in one place. It also enables enterprise gain competitive advantage with blockchain Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and compliant secure data-exchange.

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10,000,000 USD
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25,000,000 USD
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AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
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Gainfy, is AI and blockchain Enterprise platform which offers global healthcare Consumers free access to virtual medical care and ability to own, manage and monetize their health data anytime, anywhere.

Gainfy is looking at 28 billion Dollar marketplace in United States alone, of patient medical data.

Now why is that important? Pharmaceutical, biotech, research firms and insurance companies they all need to know the collective medical data of consumers, so they can decide which drugs to develop and focus on, and what their insurance risks are so they can do planing.

Now what’s interesting is that while that information it’s private and made anonymous before it gets to them, none of that $28 billion directly benefits consumers. We are determined to cross that bridge, so that the consumers can get some of that benefits and we can make the process more efficient and secure.

On Gainfy platform consumers will get the choice who gets to buy their data, and what benefits they get from it. So for example, consumers in the gainfy system can get tokens from us, so they can use them to talk to a doctor, pay for their lab tests and buy other products and services on the Gainfy marketplace.

So they immediately get the reduction on their medical cost by using our platform. That’s the platform we’re building and we’re hoping you will become an investor with us.

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Victoria Saucier
Victoria Saucier
Chief Executive Officer
Dave Singh
Dave Singh
Chief Technology Architect
Anastasia Galichanina
Anastasia Galichanina
Financial Controller
Michael Szczech
Michael Szczech
Software Engineer
Huiya (Kirstie) Wang
Huiya (Kirstie) Wang
Marketing and Communications
Matthew Auger
Matthew Auger
Investor Relations