HomeMine - Passive Mining on Household Electrical Appliances

HomeMine offers an opportunity to earn money on passive mining on household electrical appliances. We make mining a simple daily activity that does not require investments and technical skills.

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38,430,000 USD
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1 HMT = 42 USD
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The times when it was possible to earn money on mining from home by simply using the computing power of a personal computer in the background are far behind. In 2010, you could get hundreds of bitcoins in this way at a half a dollar rate, but in 2014 the ordinary CPU mining began to lose its relevance and was replaced by specialized ASIC chips released by Butterfly Labs specially for BTC mining, and then GPU whose efficiency exceeded the CPU by hundreds of times.

But the complexity of hashing is constantly increasing, and for the past two years the mining barrier to entry into mining has become critically high for an ordinary person both in terms of financial equipment costs and in terms of required competencies. Even if we do not take into account BTC and ETH whose profitable mining now requires investment of $35,000 in equipment, and focus on cheaper altcoins whose mining does not require such impressive investments, it also requires a variety of technical and financial skills.

To date, about 0.08% of the total electricity generated in the world is spent on mining. This is a huge figure in absolute terms, which, on the one hand, attests to the serious prospects of the industry, and on the other hand, to the growing hype around this market. We believe that mining and crypto-currencies can be useful in everyday life of any person and must be implemented in it.

And this integration should take place naturally, without high-risk investments and technical difficulties. Therefore, we decided to popularize household mining by marketing HomeMine, a device for passive mining, which allows you to earn your own crypto currency while you are using any household electrical appliances at home.

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Georgiy Sandarovsky
Georgiy Sandarovsky
CEO & Founder
Sergey Kerzhentsev
Sergey Kerzhentsev
Konstantin Melnikov
Konstantin Melnikov
Chief Engineer
Irina Koroleva
Irina Koroleva
Valentina Smirnova
Valentina Smirnova
Maria Ashikhmina
Maria Ashikhmina
Senior Developer