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Humanscape can provide practical help for patients to overcome their diseases through intellectual and emotional interaction with each other based on community activities. This process is expected to generate and collect a high volume of patient data, namely PGHD, on various disease groups. Furthermore, Humanscape facilitates active research into incurable diseases and the development of new drugs by linking patients to external industry sectors such as pharmaceutical firms and research institutes and helps patients to avoid complications and enjoy healthy lives through the continuous self-management of their lifestyle and symptoms. With these services, Humanscape is taking steps to liberate patients from incurable diseases, as its contribution to a world where everyone is healthy.

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    Patient’s personal health profile, such as daily records of illness, associated symptoms, administered medication and IoT data can be entered and managed altogether in profile section. Under patients’ permission, this data can be utilized for researches and clinical studies, ultimately bringing better chances for recovery.

    Health records shared by patients, currently scattered around different patient communities focused on certain diseases, can be browsed in a single platform. The rarer disease it is, the less information is available. In this respect, every little piece of information is valuable and can be a great help.

    When it comes to incurable or rare diseases, relatively small amount of patient data can be still useful for pharmaceutical companies and clinical studies institutes to gather target patients and conduct researches. For example, in 2011, there was a case which existing medical research paper was refuted by 149 ASL patients’ data.

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