HUNT.BET - Blockchain eSports betting platform

HUNT.BET is a blockchain eSports betting platform for the most popular cybersport disciplines – League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO, HearthStone, Overwatch, etc. Hunt.Bet provides news, statistics, tournament broadcasting, communication with eSport amateurs and professionals, gaming devices, lots of promotional activities and much much more! HUNT.BET's innovation rests on a new round of betting principles using Ethereum smart contracts. It excludes incredibly high comissions on transactions and unclear cash flowing charts. Thus our business model will be utterly transparent, comparing it to already existing book-makers. No more fraud, no more payment delays, you can check every transaction on your own!

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  • ~$1M - 1 HT = $1
  • ~$3M - 1 HT = $1.2
  • ~$7M - 1 HT = $1.3
  • ~$11M - 1 HT = $1.4
  • ~$15M - 1 HT = $1.5


HUNT.BET Advantages

Referral System

HUNT.BET will have a referral system. You will be entitled to receive referral awards as the invited person places bets.

Bonus System

Users will recieve bonuses for betting. Bonuses can be exchanged for money or used for buying gadgets in our online store.

Illusive Bets

BlockChain excludes high commission for money turnover.


HUNT.BET will collect broadcasts for events which you can place a bet on. Users watching broadcasts on HUNT.BET will recieve awards for it.

Personal Area

Information on user level, trophies, bet statistics (changes in balance), list of bets placed, jackpots, invited users and relevant referral rewards are displayed in personal area.

News Feed

Use the news feed to follow events of the gaming industry. It will include twitter/instagram/facebook posts of e-sport teams and individual gamers. Users can have their own news blogs, the service will reward such user for the work done – evaluation will be based on other users' feedback.


Stage 1

  • ≈$1M - 2 Days

You receive:

  • 1 ht = 1$
  • Exclusive jackpot

We realize:

  • Finish the blockchain project
  • Start the project in Open Source

Stage 2

  • ≈$3M - 3 Days

You receive:

  • 1 ht = 1.2$
  • Exclusive jackpot

We realize:

  • Create an analysing robot-unit (build a neural network)
  • Connect to Oracle

Stage 3

  • ≈$7М - 5 Days

You receive:

  • 1 ht = 1.3$
  • Exclusive jackpot

We realize:

  • Monetizing the News System
  • Completing the Social Activity Systems Development

Stage 4

  • ≈$11М - 5 Days

You receive:

  • 1 ht = 1.4$

We realize:

  • Creating digital wallet with bets and translations
  • Create our own currency converter
  • Starting the HT crypto-currency emission
  • Launching the Marketing campaign

Stage 5

  • ≈$15М - 7 Days

You receive:

  • 1 ht = 1.5$
    *Special conditions

We realize:

  • Form the first jackpot using invested funds
  • Create streaming agency
  • Create our own tournament arenas

Those who bought tokens during the 1st stage will receive a bonus at the 5th stage up to 50% of the number of bought HT tokens, but this number can not be higher than 50% of HT tokens bought in the 1st stage._

Example: Someone bought 2500 HT in the 1st stage. Than bought 2000 HT in the 5th stage and got 50% from these 2000 HT tokens (1000 HT is lower than a half of previously bought).


Nikita Fomichev
Nikita Fomichev
Dmitry Zimnyukov
Dmitry Zimnyukov
HUNT.BET Project Manager, Marketing Manager
Pavel Korolev
Pavel Korolev
Lead Programme
Dmitry Korolev
Dmitry Korolev
Back-End Developer
Nikita Alkov
Nikita Alkov
Anatoly Nikonov
Anatoly Nikonov
Front-End Developer