Kleros - The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer

Kleros connects users who need to solve disputes with jurors who have the skills to fairly settle them. Our resolution layer uses blockchain technology and crowdsourced jurors to adjudicate disputes in a fast, secure, and affordable manner.

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What problem does Kleros solve?

The rise of disputes of the global, digital and decentralized economy in areas that cannot be solved by state courts and existing alternative dispute resolution methods. For example, in international e-commerce and service delivery.

What is Kleros solution?

Kleros uses blockchain and crowdsourced specialists to adjudicate disputes in a fast, secure and affordable way.

Kleros connects users who need to solve disputes with jurors who have the right skills to solve them. Crowdsourcing taps into a global pool of jurors. Blockchain technology guarantees evidence integrity, transparency in jury selection and incentives for honest rulings.

How does it work?

Alice hires Bob for a freelancing work and they both select Kleros as arbitration provider. Instead of paying Bob directly, Alice sends the payment to a smart contract. A dispute arises. Evidence is sent to Kleros, which draws a jury of experts. Jurors analyze the evidence and vote Alice as winner. The smart contract reimburses Alice. Jurors collect arbitration fees for their work, which are paid by Bob. The case is closed.

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Federico Ast
Federico Ast
CEO & Co-founder
Clément Lesaege
Clément Lesaege
CTO & Co-Founder
Nicolas Wagner
Nicolas Wagner
Co-founder, WEB3 Developer
Sam Vitello
Sam Vitello
Dapp Developer
Romina Kavcic
Romina Kavcic
Design Lead
Stuart James
Stuart James
Community Manager