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Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for the advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Members are comprised of those that want to earn crypto and businesses with the budget to pay for marketing services.

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800,000 USD
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8,000,000 USD
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1 LNW = 0.01 USD
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The development of an associated community is the most essential part of any cryptocurrency project. A vibrant, active, and developing community inspires more confidence in the project. Native advertising from live users can be effectively leveraged with the right strategy to add value to the community.

Usually, the community development tasks are performed by the community managers in conjunction with the moderators and content authors. If the project is interesting enough, and the managers do their job well, a basic advertising campaign is enough for the successful development of the community.

The Lancers Network can be compared to an online labor market in the field of blockchain where users don’t need specific qualifications to earn online. Lancer Network provides SMM and advertising services. Since the work is performed by live people, the network is inclined towards the workers and the work.

Wide Range of Services Users can perform mass-liking, and mass following tasks on the Lancer platform. They can also write review articles about the project or even shoot a video. In this manner, the users will contribute value to the ecosystem, something that software cannot execute.

Lower Advertising Costs With the help of Lancer Network’s services, users can set the price and terms of the job. Lancers, in turn, decide whether to accept or reject such requests as per their convenience.

Transparent Payment System Lancer network follows a bulletproof payment system that cannot be cheated. The payment of the task is possible only after its execution, but tokens from the customer’s account are written off/released at the time of request formation. In this manner, this blockchain platform is accountable for fair payments to the parties involved in a transaction.

Convenient System Management Lancer ecosystem is a one-stop solution. One platform provides all the possible promotion and advertising services. From comments to profile forums to high- quality analytical articles, and not to mention Twitter and Facebook.

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Leonid Shekhtman
Leonid Shekhtman
Elena Martynova
Elena Martynova
Head of Marketing
Anton Platonov
Anton Platonov
Alexey Velikanov
Alexey Velikanov
Egor Zeynalov
Egor Zeynalov
Ilya Anakin
Ilya Anakin
Community Manager