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Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for the advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Our members are comprised of those that want to earn cryptocurrency and the businesses that have the budget to pay for SMM and marketing services.

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800,000 USD
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8,000,000 USD
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1 LNW = 0.01 USD
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    Cryptocurrencies, a promising application of Blockchain technology, has disrupted the foundations of the real economy, especially the online economy. For the first time in the history of commodity-money relations, the usual money has a competitor. Given that in Africa for example, its own currency depreciated, digital money can really change this scenario in the developing countries. So, in Venezuela, crypto-currencies were banned because they were much more stable than the local currency. However, such technological progress and globalization have not yet solved the problems of third world countries. Many citizens of the countries in Africa, Asia, and South America live below the poverty line. People literally take-up any job to feed themselves and their loved ones. This leads to criminalization and wide financial gap in the society of such nations. Interestingly, it must be noted that even though people do not always have enough food, water or medical care, the Internet is almost everywhere.

    On the other hand, start-up entrepreneurs who start their own project do not always have adequate ad platforms or channels to a promote their company. Advertising services on the Internet and social networks are quite expensive. The same goes for PR in media, review videos, and articles describing the project. In fact, many excellent high-potential projects are simply unable to compete in their domain because of the lack of advertising budget.

    Our project is a solution to address the above-mentioned problems and challenges. It is an ecosystem connecting projects that need advertising services and ordinary users who can provide these services. In fact, in order to leave insightful comments on the forums, tweets about the project, subscribe to the telegram channel of any service, the user does not need special education or skills. Everyone can make some money out of this opportunity. And, this is our vision and mission, to empower the masses through fair online earning opportunities. Another feature of the platform is that the ICO projects will function as an additional profitable advertising campaign.

    The Internet has given all of us the opportunity to earn, and our project will make this an everyday occurrence. With this platform, we aim to achieve nothing but equal distribution and availability of online work to the platform’s workers at any given time.

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    Leonid Shekhtman
    Leonid Shekhtman
    Elena Martynova
    Elena Martynova
    Head of Marketing
    Anton Platonov
    Anton Platonov
    Alexey Velikanov
    Alexey Velikanov
    Egor Zeynalov
    Egor Zeynalov
    Ilya Anakin
    Ilya Anakin
    Community Manager