LUCRE - Algorithmic Trading Platform & Signal Service for Cryptocurrencies

LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system and signal service for cryptocurrencies, created to outperform the strategy of just holding until they rise in value, otherwise known as "HODLing."

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
1,600,000 USD
Hard Cap
7,000,000 USD
Initial Price
1 LCR = 1 USD
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply80%
KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted AreasUSA, Canada, Nevis
HomepageWebsite URL
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  • Pre-Sale - 30% Bonus
  • Main Sale Stage 1 - 20% Bonus
  • Main Sale Stage 2 - 15% Bonus
  • Main Sale Stage 3 - 10% Bonus
  • Main Sale Stage 4 - 0% Bonus


Should you HODL or trade your crypto? In other words, should you keep your crypto as a long-term asset or take advantage of volatility in both directions?

LUCRE's motto is, "Don’t HODL; Trade!" They have been building an algorithm which works to outperform the market by trading both ways; long and short. The team has eight years of working with complex quantitative models and algorithms for trading.

The LUCRE Token (LCR) is an Etherum ERC20 utility token that can be traded at any time and holdings are fully transparent.

  • The token’s value is not based on speculation but rather the product benefits and net asset value backed by the performance of algorithmic cryptocurrency trading with real funds.
  • LCR tokens provide premium membership, and limited access passes.
  • The token's value is linked directly to the underlying cryptocurrency trading performance.

Team View All

Manu Khullar
Manu Khullar
Director Innovation, & Solution Acceleration
Bogdan Fiedur
Bogdan Fiedur
ICO Advisor, ICO Bench Expert
Sidney Ifergan
Sidney Ifergan
Crypto & ICO
Dmitry Pshenin
Dmitry Pshenin
Founder ICOBoard
Gabriele Barnasconi
Gabriele Barnasconi
Co-Founder at Genuino Blockchain Lab
Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder
Co-Founder BitcoinATM 360