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MediChain gives patients ownership of their own medical data. MediChain is a distributed ledger for patient’s medical data. It allows patients to store their own data in a secure way and gives access to specialists anywhere regardless of the payer network or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) used.

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Whenever any data is gathered about a patient, by device or medical professional, dispensing a prescription or even purchase of a non prescription medication the patient (through an app) or the device get a chance to have a reference or “pointer” added to an Ethereum blockchain—a decentralized digital ledger. So the blockchain is an index to storage and it contain the hashes that validate the offchain data.

Instead of payments, this blockchain ecosystem records critical medical information offchain, indexed by a virtually incorruptible cryptographic database, maintained by a network of computers, that is accessible to anyone running the software and has the patient's permission to access the specific cryptographic keys.

Every point at which a doctor logs on the blockchain (or the patient logs for themselves with their smartcard, giving them control of their own data) would become part of a patient’s offchain record, no matter which electronic system the doctor was using—so any caregiver could use it without worrying about incompatibility issues.

In this way, blockchain technology can give patients more control over their information and streamline the exchange of medical records in a secure way, protect sensitive data from hackers and make sure that patients get benefit from sharing information. A custom-built “health-care blockchain” will herald an industry-wide revolution in medical records at a far deeper level than has been postulated previously.

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Dr Mark Baker
Dr Mark Baker
CEO and Founder
Katy Blackwell
Katy Blackwell
Team Manager
Samuel Dare
Samuel Dare
Blockchain Engineer
Chris Fennell
Chris Fennell
Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking
Amarpreet Singh
Amarpreet Singh