Moneda is a mobile-first cryptocurrency investment platform. There isn’t enough mobile accessibility in the world of cryptocurrency, and our team realizes that. By further improving mobile accessibility, Moneda aims to fix three main issues for cryptocurrency users that care about having data and information backing their investments. Moneda would like the process of investing in cryptocurrency to be cheap, fast, secure and easy.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
10,000,000 MND
Hard Cap
250,000,000 MND
Initial Price
1 ETH = 5,000 MND
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply67.5 %
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  • Until April 30 - 35%
  • May 15 – June 15 - 15%
  • June 15 – June 30 - 10%
  • June 30 – July 15 - 5%


Purpose:  Moneda allows you to invest in cryptocurrency without having to go to exchanges to trade for the asset. Instead you will use the Moneda platform and stake the MND tokens you invested (ETH is also a payment option). You will put in MND and make an investment portfolio. Then, once your portfolio goes to the moon (we hope) you will withdraw more MND than you started with! If you unfortunately lose money on your investment, you'll take out less MND.

Machine Learning + Blockchain:  To help you with investing, we will compile a large amount of data with the help of machine learning. This data will be used to help you set up a portfolio, or to "rate" your portfolio's chance of success! By passing this data on to you, we hope to build a successful ecosystem on the platform!

Social Investing:  We also promote sharing your portfolio with others on the platform. This lets you see what other people are doing, and lets them see what you are doing. Moneda is centered around building a successful investment platform.

Security of Your Investment:  How secure are your investments? Well, we back up each coin you're investing in by actually buying them! If you invest an amount in Bitcoin on the Moneda platform, our background microservices automatically buys that same amount of the cryptocurrency. By doing this, we make sure we can pay our users out in the occurrence that the coin goes up 1000x.

Cold Storage of MND:  We store your MND and ETH in secure cold wallets to maintain the security of your investment. Once you decide you want them back, we send them back to you from those cold wallets! Not only does this act as a strong security measure, but us buying the MND you put in and selling the MND you pull out maintains a supply and demand for the token!

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Farzad Nazifi
Farzad Nazifi
CTO & Co-Founder, Lead Developer
Voicu Apostol
Voicu Apostol
Dylan Blomme
Dylan Blomme
Content Writer & PR Rep
Paul Turcanu
Paul Turcanu
Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Stefan Iloaie
Stefan Iloaie
Luciano DeAngelo
Luciano DeAngelo
Chief Marketing Officer