NeuronX - Analysis of the Crypto-market built in AI

NeuronX is a fundamental and technical analysis of the cryptomarket built on the basis of artificialintelligence and machine algorithms. By processing huge amounts of information including technical data, financial performance, news, articles and information from social networks, NeuronX is able to determine the increase and decrease of cryptocurrency rates with accuracy up to 70 %. At the same time, it is able to constantly improve the results of itsforecasts through self-learning neural networks.

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We have developed over 5 years of trading experience. Through the experiments, we’ve developed analytical cases and later our team shifted most part of experience to automated system because it can identify the patterns and meaningful signals. In the process of testing of AI we observed the high accuracy of forecasts. Our team carried out series of actions. We complicated the training datasets and have achieved more accuracy in the forecasts.

The Cryptosphere is like a megapolis with a complex infrastructure, where complex navigation systems come to the aid of each person, paving the shortest and the right way. Realizing this problem we created NeuronX - Artificial Intelligence, which unites traders, analysts and developers.

NeuronX at the time of the start of ITO is an information and analytical platform that provides reliable information and trading recommendations on cryptocurrency pairs for the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the future, we are not just a service with analytics, we are an ecosystem for combining completely different analytical algorithms with potential clients (traders). The ecosystem will be fully decentralized and regulated by the community.

At the moment, we make forecasts for BTC/USDT every minute, which can be seen in the personal account. To improve the accuracy of forecasts, we daily saturate AI with fresh data, experience accumulates, and with it increases the accuracy of predictions.

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Grigoriy Balyan
Grigoriy Balyan
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-founder
Evgeniy Ryumin
Evgeniy Ryumin
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Grigoriy Muluzyan
Grigoriy Muluzyan
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Co-founder
Alexander Aleshin
Alexander Aleshin
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Andrey Norov
Andrey Norov
Jaroslav Ferubko
Jaroslav Ferubko