Nortonchain Platform - The Smart Path to True Decentralization

Nortonchain is decentralized distributed ledger with the sole aim of executing free transactions while providing maximum security to all users.

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Nortonchain will be a platform on which several other platforms can be built and where transactions are executed in every second and confirmed.

Nortonchain's Advantages

  • Transactions executed on Nortonchain will be confirmed automatically, peer-to-peer without the need for miners.
  • Confirmations will be performed automatically as they are made.
  • Nortonchain is built with embedded AI to do the work of miners.

Nortonchain's AI

  • By getting all transactions confirmed on each user's account, the AI will be capable of creating a child of itself, attaching to each new account created.
  • Each child AI will be similar to its parent and fully aware of all transactions being made, thereby fostering the automatic confirmation process on the chain.
  • Dummy transactions will be executed by the AI system to ensure maximum security because a compromising transaction on one AI node won't influence the information carried by the others.
  • Influencing all nodes simultaneously will be impossible as multiple nodes will be created with every transaction made, and each will be independent of the others' activities.
  • Transaction details cannot be edited, ensuring that even if a preexisting node is comprised, the others won't be.

Decentralized Exchange

  • Nortonchain functions as a decentralized exchange where users no longer have to worry about login credentials or API keys.
  • Users can log in using facial recognition.

Norton Bot

  • Developers will be able to build anything on Nortonchain by just giving a few descriptions (commands) and details to Norton Bot. This will help developers accomplish more in less time.
  • Norton Bot will be as user-friendly as Telegram, but more powerful.

Norton Coin

  • Norton Coin will be used on the numerous Norton Platforms for payments.
  • It will be atomic swap capable and usable on other platforms outside of Nortonchain for a broad variety of purposes.


Samuel Strong
Samuel Strong
Founder & CEO
John Lucky
John Lucky
Senior Blockchain Developer
Dadapir Galgale
Dadapir Galgale
Marketing Manager
Gurpreet Chauhan
Gurpreet Chauhan
Marketing & Exchange Advisor
U'demi Sol
U'demi Sol
Software Developer
Lalit Sharma
Lalit Sharma
Legal Advisor