Omnilytics Platform - Powering the Future of Data Economy

The Omnilytics Platform is a distributed data network which processes global aggregated data sets and combines artificial intelligence and machine learning tools across various industries.

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20,000 ETH
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50,000 ETH
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1 ETH = 8,000 OMN
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Omnilytics has architected a distributed data network. It aggregates datasets from all industries and combines crowd-sourced and under-utilized artificial intelligence to create singularized processed datasets with infinite use cases.

These enterprise-grade data and machine learning tools will be functional across multiple chains, networks, and communities. Omnilytics is developing its ecosystem through strategic investments and partnerships to provide a global data infrastructure for all industry verticals. Omnilytics Platform represents the new frontier of how data is aggregated, processed, and utilized. Thanks to aggregated singularized datasets, Omnilytics is not limited by industry-specific antitrust rules and becomes the pillar of support for all companies using data; providing Omnilytics users access to the data they require.

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Darius Sit
Darius Sit
Trading Advisor
Geoffray Arone
Geoffray Arone
Ex-Chief Scientist at Experian
Kenneth Oh
Kenneth Oh
Legal Advisor
Eli-Shaoul Khedouri
Eli-Shaoul Khedouri
Human Protocol
Willson Cuaca
Willson Cuaca
Venture Capital
Kendrick Wong
Kendrick Wong
CEO, Co-Founder