ORBIS has been built using a unique blockchain solution, with two coins available to users that allow them to withdraw, transfer, spend, and invest fiat money or cryptocurrencies with no fees, no wait times, and no middle man. With mobile app, desktop software, debit card, and eventually in-person branch options, ORBIS represents a truly all-encompassing transaction solution.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
5,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap
40,000,000 EUR
Initial Price
0.5655 USD
Token Supply
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AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Circulating Supply30%
Restricted AreasN/A
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Our team is solving all the banking and cryptocurrency problems, developing the first price-stable cryptocurrency, ORBS – utility coin.

Orbis utility coin used for worldwide transfers, payments and savings, is directly linked in your wallet with Orbis security coin which is backed by OrbisSolutions company shares. Sign-up for DEMO Version.

OrbisSolutions was set up on loss aversion concept and can withstand any market crash being apart from other blockchains.

Having only profit and no losses, making revenue from the actual withdrawal and spending of Orbis coins, our company shares will have a unique, slow but guaranteed price growth process like the security coin.

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Giovanni Casagrande
Giovanni Casagrande
Marketing Advisor & Growth Hacker
Giacomo Arcaro
Giacomo Arcaro
Marketing Advisor & Growth Hacker
Sanem Avcil
Sanem Avcil
Marketing / Media & Communications Advisor
Mihail Tudoroiu
Mihail Tudoroiu
CEO & Founder
Zamfirescu Alexandru
Zamfirescu Alexandru
Lead Web Developer
Jaume Casas
Jaume Casas
Design, Multimedia And Creativity