Papyrus - The World’s First Scalable Blockchain Protocol for Digital Advertising

Papyrus is the world’s first scalable blockchain protocol for the digital advertising market. It will connect advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertising platforms, and verifiers within Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, fairness, and efficiency.

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Why Papyrus is Necessary

Digital advertising market of $229B is plagued by fraud traffic, brand safety issues, excessive middleman cuts, and absence of supply chain transparency. According to a survey of senior ad buyers worldwide, these issues are top of advertiser concerns.

On top of the blockchain platform, Papyrus provides decentralized monitoring and money flow management tools to digital advertisers and publishers, which help them to get visibility on third parties and ad agencies, fight fraud, control money streams, and optimize supply chain efficiency.

These tools cannot be manipulated, data for monitoring is stored immutably, and smart contracts automatically enforce money flow management rules.

For example, an advertiser can enforce automatic rules that say “fraudulent traffic won’t be paid for and brand safety violations will imply penalties for abusers.” Verifiers connected to the system provide data to verify these rules while blockchain guarantees their enforcement.

By providing these tools, Papyrus creates transparency, trust, and efficiency within the digital advertising supply chain. Papyrus is a neutral solution that doesn’t compete with ad platforms and service providers while brings benefits for all of them unless they are making money in the gray area.

Major Features

  • Big Data Scalability
    Execution of smart contracts based on raw data with millions of data points.
  • Low Transaction Costs
    Handling millions of ad events per second requires low costs.
  • Privacy Management
    Advertisers can keep ad campaign data private but expose aggregated info about agencies, ad networks, and publishers to establish their reputation.
  • Channel Layer
    An off-chain mechanism for collecting, securely storing, verifying and processing raw business transactions data (in particular, execution trace of RTB protocol).
  • Papyrus Blockchain
    A consortium dPoS blockchain based on Tendermint BFT consensus algorithm, with the support of EVM smart contracts. It backs the operation of the channel layer and implements ad campaigns business logic including ad verification and payments settlement rules.
  • Cosmos Network Integration
    The Papyrus blockchain is built as a Cosmos Zone, connected to the Cosmos Hub to benefit from ready interoperability with existing public blockchains.
  • Dashboard Applications
    Providing access to the Papyrus functions for advertisers/publishers, and integration tools for onboarding existing ad-tech platforms.

How it Works

Papyrus is a scalable blockchain protocol and platform for execution of smart contracts against large datasets. On top of this platform, Papyrus builds a programmatic ad buying solution addressing the major problems of the digital advertising industry.

By securely and privately tracking trillions of impression-level events per day and applying smart contract-based ad verification and payment settlement logic, the solution creates transparency and trust between ad market players, provides visibility into end-to-end payment flows, reduces operational costs, eliminates fraud and increases ad quality, ultimately improving end user experience.

Due to its data scalability and privacy protection capabilities, the Papyrus blockchain architecture offers an extensive range of use cases not only within the advertising industry but for all business applications requiring the secure execution of smart contracts based on large data sets and their analysis, notably with AI models.

The potential market for the Papyrus network is enormous. In addition to improving the advertising ecosystem, it can be applied to build high-frequency trading solutions backed by smart contracts, automatic loan issuance based on dynamic scoring, and many other scenarios, including in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

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Abeed Janmohamed
Abeed Janmohamed
Igor Alferov
Igor Alferov
Shirlene Chandrapal
Shirlene Chandrapal
SVP Strategic Business Development
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Addie Conner
SVP Product Evangelist
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Elena Obukhova
Communications Director
Alexander Shvets
Alexander Shvets
Product Director