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Path is revolutionizing the network and performance monitoring industry by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Powerful analytic tools combined with user powered monitoring nodes give unprecedented global coverage and invaluable insight into website, application, and network analytics.Path has a working product and business model, allowing us to differentiate from many other TGE’s.Token for Distributed Network Analytics and Performance Monitoring.

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49,600,000 USD
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1 PATH = 1 USD
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Path’s goal is to create a globally distributed and decentralized monitoring node network that connects unused bandwidth and computational power to users looking for uptime and performance monitoring for any type of online service. Anyone with a computer or phone can download Path’s transparent and non-resource intensive mining client to rent out their device’s bandwidth and computational power for Path Tokens (PATH).

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of path mining nodes will then be able to provide unprecedented visibility into the internet, making it the leader in internet uptime and performance monitoring solutions.

Path mining nodes can be run via computer browser plugin, phone application, or on linux based operating systems, and will automatically run in the background when you choose them too. Path will send job orders to be filled by these mining nodes, rewarding tokens for their completion of such jobs.

The amount of tokens awarded will vary on the type of job completed. Users will be able to toggle what type of jobs they wish to perform as well as turn off and on the mining service whenever they please. In addition, miners can opt in to contribute to Path’s free global internet monitoring service. As the platform progresses, more options and features will be added to the miner and monitoring service.

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E.J Hilbert
E.J Hilbert
Marshal Webb
Marshal Webb
Co-President & Co-Founder
Bryant Townsend
Bryant Townsend
Co-President & Co-Founder
Matthew Flannery
Matthew Flannery
Director of Technology
Jake McDonald
Jake McDonald
Director of Engineering
Mark Paone
Mark Paone
Lead Software Developer