Paytomat - Decentralized System For Cryptocurrency Payments

Paytomat is a blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to find each other and create real life traction for cryptocurrencies as emerging method of everyday payments. Built as a decentralized autonomous organization and decentralized franchise, Paytomat features two unique loyalty programs based on the PTM coin, incentivizing merchants to accept payments in crypto, and PTX token, incentivizing end customers to pay with crypto. For the purposes of the token sale we will use token called PTI based on EOS blockchain.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Amount Raised
499.97320080000003 BTC
Soft Cap
455.5 BTC
Hard Cap
1,756 BTC
Initial Price
1 PTI = 0.0001 BTC
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply80%
KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted AreasUSA, China, Southern Korea
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  • 2018-10-01-2018-10-30 - 10%


Paytomat is a decentralized infrastructure for cryptocurrency payments with built-in blockchain-based loyalty program. It incentivizes both merchants and customers to either accept or to spend their cryptocurrency globally. As a reward for being a part of our ecosystems both merchants and customers receive corresponding assets they can use to pay within our ecosystem, set up a masternode or receive various discounts and free services. Paytomat is a working product since August 2017, and has already about 300 merchants with over 18,000 transactions on the network in various parts of Eastern Europe. The main advantage of this solution is that it works directly with Point-of-Sale providers, vending machines and e-commerce platforms installing a simple extension to existing POS software that merchants has been working with over the years. By leveraging such infrastructure, Paytomat created POS as PoS consensus algorithm, allowing any Point-of-Sale device to become a node on Paytomat’s own Blockchain. To ensure a stable and rapid growth of cryptocurrency payment solutions across all of the continents, Paytomat introduces decentralized franchise. It stimulates local distributors to offer cryptocurrency services to merchants, POS providers and exchanges. In case of critical or funding issues any franchisee will be able to make a proposal to Paytomat DAO network and receive an appropriate budget for a certain calendar period.


Yurii Olentir
Yurii Olentir
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Andriy Velykyy
Business Development Director
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Alexandr Baranovsky
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Iaroslava Tkalich
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Dmitry Baimuratov
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