Pharmeum - The World’s First Blockchain Medical Prescription Platform

Pharmeum is the world's first blockchain-based prescription platform with AI health analytics, which is currently working alongside the National Health Service (NHS) in England. The Pharmeum platform is an inter-operable, decentralized, digital prescription platform running over an intelligent neural network. Empowering patients’ ownership of their medication history, and enabling affordable access to healthcare globally. Medical errors and late diagnoses are minimised by using a permissioned blockchain integrated with artificial intelligence. Pharmeum is an advanced, digitized, health eco-system.The Pharmeum blockchain will improve medicine affordability, minimize errors, and create frictionless, quality care for patients.

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6,000,000 USD
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0.3000 USD
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Pharmeum is using the latest private Blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence, to revolutionise the healthcare industry around the patient, and build the healthcare of tomorrow.  

Pharmeum is creating an interoperable, trust‐less system to facilitate the transfer of medical prescriptions and recording of medication history.   By putting patients at the centre of the entire healthcare industry, we can effectively increase the affordability and access to medication globally.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms will be used to build an accurate neural network, to dynamically analyse medical data. Pharmeum’s patient neural network, minimises the incidence of costly medical errors.

Pharmeum is using powerful Blockchain technology to overcome the inefficient obstacles in place with the current healthcare infrastructure. The solutions that Pharmeum’s innovative platform offers, targets the largest problems facing healthcare today.

The creation of a patient‐centric eco‐system, maximises the efficiency and affordability of healthcare, whilst drastically reducing medical errors.   Pharmeum will be creating a truly advanced, sophisticated healthcare system to benefit patients, doctors and pharmacies.


Zain Rana
Zain Rana
CEO, Co-Founder
Ahmed Ashour
Ahmed Ashour
COO, Co-Founder
Oleh Anfimov
Oleh Anfimov
Blockchain Developer
Oleh Pashchenko
Oleh Pashchenko
Blockchain Developer
Tyra Ho
Tyra Ho
Digital Marketer
Essam Elmir
Essam Elmir
Strategy Advisor