Pledgecamp - The Next Generation of Crowdfunding

Pledgecamp is a decentralized ecosystem of next-generation crowdfunding, a Market Network for services, and a Knowledge Center for information.

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Pledgecamp allows users to back with confidence, with blockchain-powered security and token incentives for collaboration.

  • Backers gain a decentralized escrow mechanism which protects their funds
  • Creators receive wide-ranging project support and lower platform fees
  • Platform Users can earn token rewards as they help the platform succeed

Pledgecamp fixes long-standing problems in crowdfunding by introducing accountability and transparency with smart contracts, and by aligning user interests through an inclusive and rewarding token economy.

Backer Insurance

Backer Insurance is a security feature unique to Pledgecamp that enforces accountability by empowering backers to monitor the usage of their contributions. A smart contract holds a percentage of campaign funds in escrow, which is released to creators as project milestones are met. Milestones are defined before funds are raised so that the expectations between creators and backers are clear from the beginning.

Campaign Deposits

Before starting a new campaign on Pledgecamp, creators must place a refundable security deposit prior to listing. This Campaign Deposit creates a financial penalty for spam on the network and incentives creators to be more transparent while promoting their projects. Campaign Deposits are fully refundable provided the creator performs enough “transparency tasks” including, but not limited to, uploading business registration documents, identification, proof of contracts, intellectual property registrations, code repositories, personal references, or even answering questions on live video. Each action refunds a fixed amount of the deposit until it is fully refunded.


Ultimately, the purpose of Pledgecamp is to align incentives to create an open and distributed model of innovation. In crowdfunding, the most valuable resource is the crowd itself, with all of the skills, knowledge, and connections contained within. Pledgecamp strives to enable what we call the “Smart Crowd”: an empowered user base that contributes more than just monetary value to the ecosystem.

The Pledgecamp Ecosystem

A Market Network and Knowledge Center complete the Pledgecamp ecosystem

Market Network

The Market Network is a decentralized marketplace for services where creators can hire professionals to work on their projects. Using the Market Network provides significant advantages to both creators and vendors concerning trust and payments. Because each project is unique, the specific fit between service provider and client is very important and the focus is on building long-term relationships around a complex project. This requires a marketplace that exhibit features of a social network—hence, “Market Network.”

Knowledge Center

This Knowledge Center will catalogue the expertise of the crowd specifically as it pertains to entrepreneurship, product development, and crowdfunding. Access to information is often the difference between success and failure, and currently there is not a clear market leader offering a forum and database for crowdfunding knowledge.

This section will consist primarily of a forum for questions and answers and a searchable database. Information can range from general crowdfunding queries to specific project-level questions. Members of the Smart Crowd will have the opportunity to answer and build their reputations, or even be rewarded with tokens if offered.

Token Economy

A two-token economy involving Pledge Coins (PLG) and Camp Shares (CS) powers the Pledgecamp ecosystem. The design of this token economy prioritizes stable token value as a medium of exchange (see Appendix) and incentivizing a distributed user base to cooperate for the long term health of the platform.

Pledge Coin (PLG)

A Pledge Coin is an ERC20 token on the public Ethereum blockchain that enables key features of the platform.


Reputable project creators place security deposits and perform KYC to earn your trust.


Smart contracts secure funds in escrow, letting backers monitor and verify promised deadlines.


Help projects, earn rewards. Token incentives empower a Smart Crowd to contribute more than funds.


The Pledgecamp Ecosystem provides project creators the broad resources they need to succeed.


2019 Q1

  • Advanced Wireframes delivery with MetaLab
  • Begin Final Platform Implementation with Mousebelt

2019 Q2

  • Final UX/UI Delivery with MetaLab
  • Market Network & Knowledge Center Beta Implementation

2019 Q3

  • Website UI Implementation Platform Backend
  • Smart Contract MVP Implementation

2019 Q4

  • Full Platform Launch

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