We provide an easy-to-use financial ecosystem that allows you take control of your finances. No more high fees, limits, or confusing accounts. Apply online in minutes!

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3,000,000 USD
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38,400,000 USD
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0.1500 USD
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AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, Fiat
Circulating Supply70%
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    We provide an easy to use ecosystem that allows you to take control of your finances. With our unified platform, you are able to start banking in a trusted, open and decentralized financial system. Manage your finance in one place with our bank, wealth management and trading exchange.

    Our mission is to reinvent the way banking is perceived by leveraging new decentralized tools and technologies

    PlutusX’s mission since its inception in 2015 has had one core drive: to reinvent the way investing is perceived. We planned on disrupting the status quo by providing tools that otherwise would have been exclusively reserved to the ultra-wealthy. We have now advanced our mission with the progression of blockchain technology and decentralized tools, that will allow us to take our mission to a global and border-less platform.

    The potential to satisfy the demand for aggregated financial services in the crypto industry is perhaps the most exciting banking development of the past 100 years. There are obvious flaws in the current financial system. It's not transparent, high trading and transaction fees, slow transactions speeds, not efficient, and it is controlled by gatekeepers. While these are not all the current problems that existent in the current financial system, they are some of the most obvious ones. Also, some of the best wealth management services are only available to select individuals.

    With PlutusX's digital bank, customers will finally be able to use cryptocurrencies to pay for fiat based goods without transaction limits and with a low commission on any of the world’s existing 42 million payment terminals including many internet stores and payment points. PlutusX's technology platform is being developed to be based on algorithms that allow for the most efficient exchange rates matching across natural peer-to-peer flow as well as third-party crypto-exchanges.

    PlutusX intends to meet the banking needs of the Cryptocurrency Era.

    " We want our services to generate an extra income for people. The stats are staggering on what an extra couple hundred bucks a month can do. A survey in ‘16 (US) said that an extra $500 a month could’ve prevented 40% of home foreclosures and saved 60% of divorces. Every time unemployment goes up just 1% 10,000 women and children (men too) are subject to violence and crime.

    It’s why at PlutusX it’s our goal to give back the opportunity to generate investment income. Level the playing field. The opportunity is there and if you don’t take it it’s on you, but the opportunity is available where previously it’d be reserved for the ultra-wealthy or only for eligible individuals."

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    Angel Mondragon
    Angel Mondragon
    Co-founder & CEO
    Patrick Benske
    Patrick Benske
    Co-founder & CMO
    John B. Strong
    John B. Strong
    Thea Vujanovic
    Thea Vujanovic
    VP of Operations
    Mason Banning
    Mason Banning
    Backend/Frontend Developer
    Joshua Espinosa
    Joshua Espinosa
    Investment Strategist