PointPay - Blockchain-based Banking

PointPay is starting the development of all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem, which will provide the ultimate convenience for our customers in accessing all cryptocurrency-related services within one platform. We plan to launch an extended version of PointPay Multi-currency Wallet, extended version of PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and a fully licensed PointPay Crypto Bank. Several companies announced their plans to implement similar vision, but none of them were able to fully execute on it so far. We hope to become the first company who will be able to successfully implement a fully licensed all-in-one solution for crypto and fiat currencies on the global market.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
30,000,000 USD
Initial Price
0.1000 USD
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply50%
Restricted AreasN/A
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PointPay Crypto Bank

A new direction in the crypto market: manage, save and grow your capital with PointPay. We are building a unique all-in-one solution for the global market.

  • Crypto Bank
  • Low fees
  • Fast transfers worldwide
  • No currency restrictions
  • Virtual, debit and credit, fiat and cryptocurrency cards
  • Cryptocurrency lending
  • Crypto acquiring
  • Online mobile banking
  • Crypto Forex Trading
  • Crypto deposits and credits

PointPay Crypto Exchange platform

Buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency with confidence. Convenient interface and helpful tutorials make trading easy whether you are a newbie or a pro.

  • Crypto Exchange platform
  • Fiat pay-ins and pay-outs
  • Tokenized assets trading (stocks, indices, commodities)
  • Daily crypto back to PXP holders
  • Four-level referral system and referral exchange
  • Leveraged trading (1:10)
  • 24/7 support

PointPay Multi-currency Wallet

Now you can send and receive crypto and fiat currency to other members of PointPay platform. Enjoy secure, fast transactions with our lowest fees!

  • Multi-currency Wallet
  • Multicurrency crypto and fiat accounts
  • Security and anonymity
  • Virtual crypto portfolio
  • Instant exchange
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Instant deposits/withdrawals in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF
  • SPV architecture
  • Payment Code ID
  • Easy to use

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Andrey Svyatov
Andrey Svyatov
Anna Foster
Anna Foster
Ivan Levitsky
Ivan Levitsky
Halina Hulidava
Halina Hulidava
Chef Quality Officer
Renat Vakilov
Renat Vakilov
Crypto Bank PM
Artem Zbandut
Artem Zbandut
Crypto Exchange PM