PVPChain - Global E-Sports Eco-Trusted Network

PVPCHAIN is a global E-sports Eco-trusted Network through PVP e-sports ecosystem solution to Empower e-sports participates around the world the right of voting and to realize crowd-governance of events.

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The vision of PVPCHAIN is to reach event commercialization and sportization, thus refining the sector’s overall competitiveness and business conversion ability. Besides, PVPCHAIN advocates the industry should go ahead consistently along the sustainable path where all nodes optimize and protect resources of the Alliance. Moreover, PVPCHAIN calls for maintaining the free development of both events and players in the principles of openness, equality, and mutual benefits. Given that, the industry will finally achieve its sportization and marketization and realize the e-sports 3.0 in which events are under crowd-governance.

PVPCHAIN is going to realize crowd-governance in more than one business scene including management of e-sports clubs’ players, event anticipation and digital asset exchange between players. On the one hand, by voting and electing mechanisms of smart contract in the blockchain, PVPCHAIN will allow audiences to intervene in e-sports club governance and gain operation earnings rather than being event witnesses only. In this way, PVPCHAIN will make available seamless interaction between players and their teams. On the other hand, PVPCHAIN will establish a distributed e-sports anticipation protocol to get independent objective estimates from lots of participants which are not controlled by any third party. Additionally, PVPCHAIN will, through a decentralized players’ digital assets exchange protocol, ensure player’s digital assets to be transferred between different games and game platforms, and protect player’s interest from being damaged.

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Leo Zeng
Leo Zeng
CEO & Founder
Jian Shen
Jian Shen
CSO & CO-Founder
Tony Cui
Tony Cui
Head of Partnership & League Development
Nan Xie
Nan Xie
Head of E-sports Projects
Zhengwei Liu
Zhengwei Liu
Head of Blockchain Architect Design