Ren Project - Liquidity, unchained.

The first and only open protocol that provides access to inter-blockchain liquidity for all decentralized applications.

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Ren integrates with other blockchains to bring privacy and interoperable liquidity. By doing so, it advances new and existing DEXs, DeFi applications, and dApps of all kind.

  • Interoperability that integrates naturally with new and existing smart contracts, written on any blockchain. For example: an Ethereum DEX could — without modification — support Bitcoin, ZCash, and many others.

  • Interoperability that works in zero-knowledge. For example: the use of ZCash in an Ethereum smart contract would not require that the zero-knowledge properties of ZCash to be compromised.

  • Interoperability that is simple and abstracted away from the user. Users do not need to use special wallets or special transactions. For example: users trading Bitcoin on an Ethereum DEX would never need to do anything other than transfer Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain itself.

  • Secret scripts that never reveal their inputs, outputs or state. These scripts can also react to events on different blockchains and submit transactions to different blockchains