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Robomed Network issues its own tokens to support smart contract between healthcare providers and patients. RBM smart medical contract elevates service value by granting its owner full accomplishment of clinical guidelines for specific case by healthcare provider. Robomed clinical guidelines are subject to constant improvement by the professional medical community, motivated for higher goals and bonuses by Robomed Network.

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Smart medical contract is the main product of Robomed Network. By measuring patient outcomes and clinical guideline accomplishment we achieve best possible value for the patient.This block chain version of the DRG reimbursement system lets Robomed Network scale the best medical practices to patients willing to pay for it in the developing countries.Smart medical contracts will be available on Robomed Network marketplace soon after the token emission.Robomed EHR allows you to connect and manage a medical organization based on Ethereum blockchain smart contracts. The smart contract transparently monitors all processes of interaction with the patient, the metrics of effectiveness and impression of the patient from interaction with the provider of medical services.Basic functions include:
• Keeping an electronic patient chart
• Keeping a schedule of specialists and offices
• Establishment of personnel access rights
• Consolidated benefit packages
• Decision-making system for medical personnel
• Analytical system
• Real-time monitoring of personnel actions
• Calculation of staff salaries
• Financial system
• Open APIAdditional functions:
• Telemedicine/IP
• Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertisingThe functionality of Robomed EHR is selected to provide medical organizations with a powerful tool for management of the delivery of health services and at the same time to unite these organizations among themselves by performance standards. Thus, the ecosystem is constantly being improved, adopting the best practices and updating uniform standards.Robomed Mobile is a mobile EHR, provided with the capabilities of the RBM Token wallet. With the help of Robomed Mobile the patient can receive telemedicine consultations, appoint, postpone, or cancel their visits, choose whom to show their medical data and enter into smart contracts with medical organizations.Robomed Web is the desktop version of Robomed Mobile, deployed for the convenience of the patient. It allows you to fully use all the benefits of the Robomed Network on any computer without the need to download any software. Also, Robomed Web is used to access the medical knowledge base and to conduct voting by the medical community and the patient community in determining or updating the value criteria of various health services and outcomes.


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William Peckham (孙哲安)
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Philipp Mironovich
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Ivan Devyatkov
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