Ruby-x - Passion, into the holder's life

The Ruby Exchange (Ruby-x) will enable the trading of funds, technology, information, and cryptocurrency. It will be run transparently and be expandable and unbreakable functions. Ruby-x will create an ecosystem based on its network using Ruby tokens (RBY) as the primary currency.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Hard Cap
2,000,000,000 RBY
Initial Price
1 RBY = $ 0.22
Token Supply
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AcceptingBTC, ETH, EOS
Circulating SupplyN/A
KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted AreasThe United States, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Somalia etc
HomepageWebsite URL
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RBY is currently based on ERC-20, but after the main net launch in 2021, RBY will be used as RUBY main net’s main currency to constitute the decentralized ecosystem. RBY will eventually replace USDT, ETH, and BTC on Ruby-x. Once the service is released, RBY can be exchanged with all other listed cryptocurrencies.

The RUBY token sale, which is the first and the last sale, will be held from August 10th to September 17th, 2018. The top 5000 RBY holders will receive dividend profits of Ruby-x, 40% of profits or 10% of revenue, each quarter.

The price of 1 RBY will be equivalent to US$0.5 when the official Ruby Exchange is open and is expected to grow over time. Only 1% of the total supply will be sold to the public on this sale. 200 million Ruby tokens out of 20 billion without any soft cap.