Shipit — is a community of senders and travelers united by a mobile app that helps the former ship packages and the latter make extra money while traveling.

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Millions of people ship packages daily all around the world. However, there is a high chance of a sender running into issues of expensive shipping services, delivery delays, and high risks of shipments getting lost or damaged. Customs and postal services may cause a wide variety of troubles ranging from excessive paperwork to outright theft.

At the same time those services cannot boast of outstanding efficiency and fast work: sometimes the shipments are delivered behind all reasonable deadlines. Aside from that, governments often charge different shipping fees and taxes inexplicable to the sender.

Commercial courier companies are not perfect as well. It is worth mentioning that courier and parcel delivery services have to employ a lot of people, machinery, and equipment units as well as to take care of insurance policies for their activities. All that leads to more than significant costs that are eventually carried by customers.

Delivery and courier services often cannot ship a parcel directly from point A to point B and are forced to resort to transit hubs which introduce even more threats and risks. Naturally, the increase in intermediary delivery and courier companies involved does not lead to an increase in the responsibility of each party involved.

Although courier and parcel delivery companies have made our lives easier, they still have not adequately addressed any of the questions above. Naturally, in the world of globalization and digitization and given the constant growth of global GDP and retail e-commerce sales, the significance of these issues is going to increase proportionally to the shipping volumes worldwide.

People all around the globe wanting to make things better than they are today may have only one viable option - to shift from the consumption and possession economy to the sharing economy. Shipit solves these issues. It is a community of senders and travelers united by a mobile app that helps the former ship packages and the latter make extra money while traveling.

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Roger Crook
Roger Crook
Advisor, Global Scale
Sydney Ifergan
Sydney Ifergan
Advisor, Digital Marketing
Mofassair Hossain
Mofassair Hossain
Advisor, PR&Marketing Expert
Dean Karakitsos
Dean Karakitsos
Advisor, ICO Consultant
Naviin Kapoor
Naviin Kapoor
Advisor, Blockchain Expert
Alex Linenko
Alex Linenko
Advisor, Tokenization Expert