STAYGE - Blockchain Platform for the Entertainment Industy

STAYGE Network is an entertainment ecosystem based on blockchain that tokenizes the influence of the fandom to utilize it on various apps and business models. The fan community service generates and distributes the tokens based on the fans’ contribution; furthermore, the fans can spend the rewarded tokens on DApps such as e-commerce, games, contents services and more.

STO/ICO Status

Soft Cap
2,500,000 STG
Hard Cap
12,500,000 STG
Initial Price
0.0000 USD
Token Supply
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AcceptingICX, Others
Circulating Supply50%
Restricted AreasN/A
HomepageWebsite URL
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    STAYGE One’s mission is to create a sustainable platform where everyone, including motivated fans, artists, and a variety of stakeholders in the entertainment industry,to grow and benefit more equitably.

    To this end,we are tokenizing the fandom that is the true foundation of the entertainment industry. Fandom's influence was intangible in previous ecosystems but will have tangible value through STAYGENetwork. Tokenized fandom will be a driving force for the ecosystem and market expansion.

    Team View All

    Aaron Shin
    Aaron Shin
    Ascendo Ventures Managing Partner
    Jinwoo Shin
    Jinwoo Shin
    KAIST Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
    DS Kim
    DS Kim
    Pentasecurity System CSO
    Matt Cheng
    Matt Cheng
    Cherubic Ventures / Founder & Managing Partner
    Willy Kwon
    Willy Kwon
    Kermis D&C / Chairman
    James Jung
    James Jung
    beSUCCESS / Founder & CEO