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The Blockchain technology is an internet database technology with the feature of decentralization, transparency and fair. Everyone can participate in keeping the accounts. StockChain provides global cryptocurrency quotation and historical trading record for free.StockChain realizes information recognition and structural analysis based on machine learning and makes risk prediction on the cryptocurrency market based on the neutral network model.

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Start Date
Amount Raised
1,493 ETH
Hard Cap
30,000 ETH
Initial Price
1 SCC = 0.00002 ETH
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IPF Cross-platform and High-performance Client Terminal

STOCKCHAIN offers personalized systems on different platforms based on the C/S architecture: the server, with the Cloud Engine as its carrier, collects, analyzes and disseminates real-time quotations and forwards users’ orders; The Client caters to different users’ facility type; Real-time data interaction links are established between the server and the client using the socket communication and the async non-blocking I/O mode.

Optimized newwork components

The network components have been optimized in three aspects: we developed the ZeroCopy network communication module with large volume and low latency; optimized communication protocols between clients and exchanges; deployed proxy servers for transactions in major IDCs of the core cities around the world.The optimized network components enable the quotation and exchange platform to provide real-time quotations and in-depth analysis for users and forward their orders in a quick and steady way.

Big Data Coverage

STOCKCHAIN has developed distributed, high-concurrency, large-scale data acquisition engines on its own. These engines collect data from clusters at home and abroad. Acquisition engines are equipped with pattern recognition modules so as to acquire data from images.

Highly Efficient Computing Platform

By leveraging open-source big data frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark, STOCKCHAIN has established a private cloud computing platform, capable of storing distributed big data. The platform’s architecture is designed with high reliability, high scalability and high fault-tolerance. The platform can conduct offline and real-time computation and process huge amounts of data.

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Jin Xiang
Jin Xiang
Yang Bo
Yang Bo
Edoardo Bertolani
Edoardo Bertolani
Yan Yating
Yan Yating
Michael Ai
Michael Ai
BD Head
Zhu Ciyang
Zhu Ciyang
Trading Head