TerraGreen - Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform

TerraGreen consists of a blockchain powered attempt for micromanaging biomass wastes from agricultural & forestry sectors which converts it to the renewable energy products through natural resources. Moreover, for the Terragreen project, Terragreen would produce its own coins and these coins will be distributed to the general public for the crowdfunding. The investment made in the coins would be profitable to the major Biomass plant as well as to the general public where they can gain through their investment and plant can produce more amount of renewable products. These would help to increase the value of Terragreen coin and its products economically. Though its all about profit earnings and earning more funds.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
11,000,000 USD
Initial Price
0.1000 USD
Token Supply
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PlatformSeparate blockchain
AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, BCH
Circulating Supply40%
Restricted AreasN/A
HomepageWebsite URL
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    More people now realize the need to embrace energy generations via renewable energy resources. However, the current market scenario does not allow the growth of renewable energy industry to take place rapidly, mainly due to bottlenecks in the supply, technology and financial sectors. Hence, the TerraGreen Platform envisions to mitigate all the bottlenecks and make it simpler and more economical to bring all the parties involved on a common platform.

    Building TerraGreen platform, a blockchain based renewable energy trading platform, will serve to promote and assist in creations of renewable energy generating facilities around the world. This is done through linking the biomass suppliers, renewable energy technology developers, power producers and investors, through a common medium, using TerraGreen platform.

    TerraGreen, through its innovative cryptographic platform, will ensure to eradicate middleman, in every step involved, thereby making easier and economical availability of raw material, superior technology, increased power tariffs to power producers and higher returns to investors.

    Team View All

    Badmanathan Tanggawelu (Brad lee)
    Badmanathan Tanggawelu (Brad lee)
    Founder & CEO45 age
    Hannes Klobe
    Hannes Klobe
    Co-founder & CTO
    P. Nahak
    P. Nahak
    COO & Blockchain Developement Specialist
    B. Viresh
    B. Viresh
    Sabina Abdul Aziz
    Sabina Abdul Aziz
    Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer
    Tengku Dato’ Nasruddin Tengku Ibrahim
    Tengku Dato’ Nasruddin Tengku Ibrahim
    Renewable Energy Trade & Economy Developer