The Advertising Currency - Join the cryptocurrency advertising revolution

An Industry Based Cryptocurrency Token with Real World Application Based Around Corporate Advertising Contracts. A Revolutionary Advertising Platform that Pays Publishers in TAC Tokens which increase in value based on sales. A Complete Marketplace of Scripts that all integrate with The Advertising Currency to ensure future currency growth.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
40,000,000 USD
Initial Price
10 USD
Token Supply
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  • Open day of sales - Anyone who purchases TAC on the opening day of the sale will receive an added purchase bonus. The amount of the purchase bonus will be based on the amount of TAC purchased. The purchase bonus value will be 1 TAC Token for every 10 TAC Tokens purchased.
  • Second high volume bonus - A second high volume bonus for anyone who purchases an amount equal to or greater than $5000 US Dollars in TAC Tokens on the opening day will also be added. This means if someone spent $5000 on opening day, they would get an initial amount of 500 TAC Tokens, a purchase bonus of 50 TAC Tokens, and an additional high volume bonus of 250 TAC Tokens.
  • Opening week of sales - Anyone, who has made a pledge from our pre-sales information page and fulfills the maximum value of that pledge within the first week, will receive a bonus amount of TAC. A bonus of 100 TAC Tokens up to 1000 TAC Tokens will be granted to each user who completes this pledge with the opening week.
  • Blog owners - Anyone who owns a blog that joins our coin offering will be able to collect bonus TAC Tokens. If the user’s blog is over 2 years old, and they make a post outlining the TAC project, they will receive a bonus of 1 TAC Token for each 5 they purchase. For users with a blog older than 6 months but less than 2 years, they will receive the same bonus but instead of it being 1 TAC Token for each 5, it will be 1 for each 10 purchased.


  • Create an advertising industry cryptocurrency that allows marketers, advertisers, and business owners to regain control over the respective industries. This will allow an overall reduction in marketing costs as well as grant the ability to make guidelines to those affected by such industries.
  • Obtain corporate advertising contracts granting the ability to create a marketplace of products. These products would include public bench and public transportation advertising slots, billboard advertising slots, airport advertising slots, radio advertising slots, and television advertising slots.
  • Create an advertising platform similar to the combination of Google Adwords and Google Adsense. This platform will be based on TAC and will allow publishers to earn TAC as a reward for displaying ads that increase with each advertising sale instead of on a per click basis as is currently the industry standard.
  • Create and release an ongoing series of marketing applications and membership website scripts that are integrated with TAC to encourage new marketers and website owners coming into the advertising and marketing industry to use this currency


Bruce​ ​Bates
Bruce​ ​Bates
​Project creator, tasked with contractual partnerships
Amy​ ​Iannone​
Amy​ ​Iannone​
​Auditor, tasked with bookkeeping, record keeping, and making publicly available documents
Jay​ ​Carey
Jay​ ​Carey
PHP developer, tasked with platform creation